Designing Your Perfect Dining Room

Spring is here and summer is quickly on its way. In addition to getting your shorts out for the onslaught of sunshine, there’s also no better time to dive back into experimenting with food and hosting dinners. If you’re interested in entertaining this summer, don’t let your dining room dissuade you. Here are some simple and quick ways to spruce it up for those afternoon brunches and dinners that go late into the night.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

The first step to giving your dining room a new feel is to rid it of clutter, which will detract from any elegance or unity that you’re hoping to achieve. If you have furniture that no longer fits with your new vision, consider investing in a self-storage unit. Also make sure that there is a clear path from your kitchen to the dining room to streamline the process and make entertaining that much easier.

Natural Decor

Take advantage of spring and the beautiful, natural decor that will start popping up. Flowers are inexpensive and elegant ways to brighten your dining room and give it a welcome feel. Try to use as much natural light as you can–if your dining room has a large window, make that the focal point and choose curtains that augment the beauty of the outdoors.

Alternatively, artificial light can dramatically elevate the appearance of your dining room–chandeliers and other bold, hanging fixtures are perfect for formal occasions, while unstated candles and wall mounts give the room just enough romance for a more low-key, intimate affair.

Color Palette

Did you know that colors can actually affect our perception of food? That’s why almost every fast-food chain uses the colors red and yellow in their decor–red connotes excitement and energy, while yellow is linked with feelings of happiness and cheer. Warm colors will increase your appetite and encourage eating–a perfect secret weapon if you’re hoping to host successful dinner parties in your home this summer. Unless you’re on a diet, stay away from dark colors like black, purple and blue, which all suppress the appetite and make eating seem less enjoyable.

If you’re looking to update the look of your dining room this season, consider furniture rental as a way to try out new styles. CORT has a wide range of dining room furniture and accessories to choose from, ensuring you’ll keep your style fresh and fun.