Top 10 Island Travel Destinations

From wild adventures to relaxing getaways to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, island vacations deliver it all. Start planning your next amazing trip with this quick guide to some of the top travel destinations located in the world’s oceans and seas.

1. Santorini

The gleaming white architecture, deep blue Mediterranean Sea, and friendly atmosphere make this Greek island a favorite for honeymooners and beach bums alike. Around 1.5 million people visit the island every year to explore the villages, taste the local wines, and learn about Santorini’s storied history.

2. Tahiti

When you think of island vacations, odds are pretty great that Tahiti is among the top travel destinations that spring to mind. It’s all about natural beauty: the beaches, the sea, the majestic waterfalls, and the lush surroundings. Be sure to check out the black sand beaches and tropical gardens for stunning photo backdrops.

3. Palawan

This archipelago in the Philippines has earned the distinction of being named the world’s most beautiful island several times in recent years. In addition to its pristine beaches, Palawan offers intriguing sightseeing options like underground tours, firefly-lit evening boat rides, scuba diving, and discovering the towns that make this string of islands pure paradise.

4. Maldives

This dreamy island vacation destination in the Indian Ocean takes considerable travel time, but the investment is well worth it. Travelers are rewarded with some of the most gorgeous beaches on earth, fantastic snorkeling conditions, and iconic over-water accommodations.

5. Cyprus

The beaches are the color of golden honey and are a popular draw for this divided island inhabited by two distinct communities: Greek and Turkish. Rich history, culture, and diverse attractions make Cyprus a top travel destination for travelers of all types.

6. French Polynesia

Many who have been here consider its volcanic islands — located in the South Pacific — to be among the most breathtaking destinations on the planet. The chain consists of around 100 different islands to explore, each complete with lagoons, beaches, and an unforgettable culture.

7. Capri

In addition to the beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and people watching, Italy’s island of Capri offers a decidedly upscale feel and some serious shopping. The natural beauty has inspired artists and writers for centuries — and for good reason.

8. Seychelles

It’s all about rest, relaxation and enjoying the beach when you visit the Seychelles. Located just off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles are a group of more than 100 islands, each with sprawling beaches and crystal-clear water. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat hopping from island to island are among the most popular attractions.

9. Phuket

Thailand’s largest island is also one of the most popular travel spots in Southeastern Asia. The Andaman Sea and white sand beaches are juxtaposed with lush mountains and rainforests. When you need a break from the great outdoors, Phuket also offers a glittering nightlife and intriguing cultural attractions, like the Wat Chalang temple.

10. Galapagos Islands

This top travel destination isn’t just about gorgeous white sand and the warm turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Darwin discovered the Galapagos Islands more than a century ago, and they remain popular for their abundant wildlife, varied landscape, and fresh cuisine.

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