Work Life: 7 Fun Hobbies You Can Take on the Road

Taking a trip for work doesn’t have to be all business and no play. Whether your plans leave a lot or a little room for leisure, you can have fun with a few road-friendly pastimes. Try out these popular hobbies for business travelers.

Point and Shoot 

Whether you’ve got a fancy camera with an even fancier lens or you just like snapping with your cell phone (filters on), photography is the perfect hobby for travelers because you can capture interesting images almost anywhere. It’s a great excuse to get out of your hotel room too. You can even challenge yourself to take the same type of photo on each trip, such as an artsy shot of the airport, a portrait of an intriguing stranger, or the sunset. 

Retail Therapy

If you love to shop, then make it a point to buy a memento on every trip. You can even choose a theme and start a collection inspired by all the places you’ve been. Here are some examples:

  • Antique from each city
  • City T-shirt or hat
  • Christmas tree ornament
  • Kitschy souvenir with the city’s name (postcard, magnet, keychain, mug)
  • Rocks or pressed foliage from natural areas
  • Matchboxes, business cards, and takeout menus from your favorite spots

Write Now

Have notebook, will travel. All you need is a pen — or your trusty laptop — to spend some time journaling your interior monologue or jotting down details about the city you’re visiting. If you have a penchant for creative writing, then you can even dedicate your in-flight or after-work hours to spinning a tale of your very own. Writing is something fun you can do, even if you only have a few minutes here and there throughout your busy day.

Move It

Fitness enthusiasts don’t have to pause their workout regimens to go on a business trip. If there’s a sidewalk or park, you can go for a run, and there are plenty of equipment-free strength training exercises you can do from your hotel room, not to mention yoga and meditation. If you would rather be outdoors, then hit up a popular local trail or golf course. If you have time, pamper yourself with a day-pass to a high-end fitness center. Just make sure your business trip packing list includes the right clothing and shoes.

Catch an Event 

If culture is your hobby, then traveling for business can offer a wide array of opportunities that fit the bill. Beforehand, check if your travel dates coincide with a concert, sporting event, play, or museum exhibit that piques your interest. Even if there’s nothing special going on, you can take a walking tour of the city or even go somewhere more low-key where you can hear jazz, stand-up comedy, or a local band. 

Taste Something New

Travel and restaurants go hand in hand, so take the opportunity to try some of the top-rated local spots. If you’re in a town that’s famous for a certain kind of food, such as cheesesteak in Philly or deep-dish pizza in Chicago, then definitely check that off your bucket list before departing. Make sure to keep track of what you tasted and where.

True Do-Anywhere Activities 

There are a few highly portable hobbies you can do pretty much anywhere — except during that important client pitch, of course. These activities include reading, knitting, and sketching or coloring. Avid readers can create a travel booklist and set a goal of how many pages or chapters they plan to devour before returning home. Even if you know nothing about the fine or fiber arts, you can use travel time to teach yourself new hobbies.

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