Traveling for Work? 7 Helpful Apartment Decor Tips to Accommodate Your Busy Lifestyle

Do you travel frequently for work? If so, your apartment might benefit from a makeover. From incorporating stylish storage pieces to establishing better closet organization, revamping your apartment decor can help accommodate an ultra-busy lifestyle.

1. Create an Efficient Entrance

When you’re constantly on the go, it helps to have an efficient home entrance. While many apartments don’t feature a formal entryway, a few decorating tips can still make coming and going a nice experience. Post a free-standing coat rack inside your doorway for outerwear, scarves, and handbags, and add a small table with a tray as a catchall for eyeglasses, keys, and mail.

2. De-clutter

There’s nothing more stressful after traveling for work than coming home to a messy apartment. De-cluttering can help. Survey each room in your apartment, and determine which items can be stowed away and which can be discarded. To keep things out of sight, invest in stylish storage pieces like sideboards, credenzas, cabinets, benches, and ottomans.

3. Take a “Less is More” Approach to Decorating

To create a relaxing vibe in your apartment, think “less is more.” Invest in a few high-quality furniture pieces and allow them plenty of space to stand out. For a serene minimalist design, apartment decor should look simple but not sterile. Choose knickknacks sparingly and only those that have meaning to you.

4. Try Tips for Enhancing Your Mood

Color can affect the way you feel when you walk into a room. For a calming ambiance, keep your color scheme neutral with hues like gray, cream, beige, and ivory, or try pastels in pink, blue, green, or lavender. For a sunnier disposition, make the most of natural light with sheer window treatments and a variety of light-bouncing wall mirrors.

5. Create a Productive Work Space

If you’re a business professional, chances are you bring your work home with you. A designated “office” can help, but your apartment may be lacking in space. Consider converting a rarely-used nook or corner of your living room into a work area, or place a small desk next to your bed to double as a night stand. A designated space for work keeps you focused and productive.

6. Organize Your Closet

Last-minute work trips call for quick packing. To make the process easier, keep your closet organized by making use of products like bins, baskets, and hooks, and mount a towel bar to the inside of your closet door for neckties, belts, or scarves. If possible, hang your clothing rod higher to create space for shelving or a small dresser underneath.

7. Stay Healthy

Don’t let frequent business travel get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. To keep in shape, invest in an exercise bike or a treadmill for between-trip workouts, and keep your cupboards stocked with healthy travel snacks you can stuff in your carry-on, such as:

  • Mixed nuts
  • Crackers
  • Dried fruit
  • Protein bars
  • Beef jerky
  • Trail mix
  • Pretzels

A busy lifestyle calls for a well-organized apartment. To accommodate your hectic routine, take advantage of these apartment decor tips, and take advantage of the convenience of CORT Furniture Rental for all your home décor and storage needs.

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