Holiday Travel Guide: 4 Tips and Tricks for a Relaxing Trip

Whether you’re visiting family or just enjoying a quick getaway, holiday travel can be especially hectic. Winter roads, long lines at the airport, and lost luggage can make even the calmest person go a little batty, but getting to your destination doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. This handy travel guide can help you stay sane while heading to holiday destinations.

1. Book Your Flights Early

Fares for the Thanksgiving holiday start to rise in late summer, so consider booking flights from three to six months out for the best prices and availability. If your fare does go lower after you purchase your ticket, some travel companies will reimburse you for some or all of the difference. Reduce the likelihood of a delay by choosing early morning flights, and avoid waiting in long lines at the airport by registering for TSA PreCheck in advance.

2. Keep Peace on the Road

A road trip with the family presents certain challenges, but a number of tips and tricks can help. Get your vehicle inspected and winterized before a holiday trip, and plot out a number of stops in advance that offer food, gas, bathrooms, and opportunities to stretch your legs. Keep everyone happy and entertained by packing things like healthy snacks and beverages, electronic gaming devices, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and vehicle chargers. Have fun and build family bonds with games like 20 Questions, I Spy, and the License Plate Game.

3. Download Travel Apps

A number of handy apps make travel smoother and easier any time of year. Avoid keeping track of paper tickets and boarding passes by downloading your airline’s mobile app. View travel itineraries, hotel booking, rental car reservations, and driving directions using TripIt or Google Trips. Organize your suitcase with Packing Pro, and brush up on foreign language skills with Duolingo or Babbel. Meanwhile, if gourmet dining is a must while you’re away on vacation, explore delicious dining options using Zagat, OpenTable, and LocalEats.

4. Ship Your Gifts

Unless you’re traveling in a vehicle with plenty of cargo space, always ship your holiday gifts ahead of time. In case of loss or damage, shipping companies allow you to insure packages for whatever amount you designate. For convenience, wrap your gifts in advance before placing them in boxes, and make sure to check shipping deadlines to make sure your gifts get to your destination on time.

Holiday travel doesn’t have to raise stress levels. Make getting from here to there and back again smooth and easy with this handy guide. After your trip, come home to a comfy, cozy living space furnished with stylish, well-made pieces from CORT Furniture Rental. Convenient delivery and set up make it a stress-free experience.

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