6 Ways to Make Business Travel Easier

Business these days is a global venture, and more people than ever are traveling for work. If your job requires travel, then you know that getting from Point A to Point B and back isn’t always easy. Flying for hours, living out of a suitcase, and back-to-back meetings can be taxing, but a few tips can help eliminate some of the stress that comes with business travel. 

Make a List

A hassle-free business trip starts with smart packing. To make the process easier, Kate Antoniades — the editor of Corporette, a blog for over-achieving women — recommends making a list. Without a list, it’s easy to forget something important like your pajamas or your lucky blazer. For a high-tech alternative to a paper list, Kate suggests creating a spreadsheet or using a packing app like PackPoint or PackTeo. These handy apps create custom packing lists based on filters like type of travel, length of stay, and weather forecast.

Double Up

If you find yourself in a new city every other month, then consider keeping a few key items in your suitcase at all times. Purchase an extra toiletry bag, and stock it with everything you use on a daily basis, from your toothbrush and shaving essentials to your contact lens case. If this gets packed in carry-on luggage, then any liquids and gels must be 3 ounces or less and packed in a quart-sized, zip-top bag. 

More items to consider doubling up on include: phone chargers, travel umbrellas, and any supplies you know you’ll need for business, such as pens, sticky notes, and notepads. Don’t forget to add a few envelopes for travel receipts and plenty of business cards for each trip.

Save Time

Every minute counts when you’re traveling for business, so follow a few timesaving tips. To prevent stressful layovers and potential flight delays, book direct flights whenever possible. To speed through airport security, use TSA Pre-Check, and get where you need to go quickly by loading important addresses and phone numbers into your smartphone or tablet ahead of your trip. 

Arrive Early

In the words of William Shakespeare, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” Although the wise bard wasn’t talking about modern business travel, this rule of thumb definitely applies. Arriving at the airport early means that annoyances like long lines, gate changes, and flight delays won’t send you over the edge. If you do have spare time, then you can use it to check emails, call clients, or look over presentation notes. 

Be Well

For optimal success when traveling for work, try to stay healthy. Pack a small wellness kit containing a homeopathic cold-care remedy to take at the first sign of sniffles, congestion, or sore throat. To cover all your bases, add the following items:

  • Packet of moist towelettes
  • Antiseptic hand gel
  • Pain relievers
  • Allergy medicine
  • Cough drops
  • Thermometer
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Sunscreen

Stay Left

Whether you’re heading to your airline departure gate, standing in line for hotel reservations, or making your way down a busy street, you may have to skirt around other people when you’re traveling. Because most people are right-handed, they tend to favor the right side when walking or choosing a line to stand in. Therefore, darting to the left when there’s room may save you a little time and trouble. 

People who travel often for business generally welcome tips to make the process easier. For smoother sailing on your next business trip, take advantage of these helpful strategies. If your business travel takes you to another city for an extended stay, then make a short-term rental feel like home with furniture and accessories from CORT Furniture Rental

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