Top Travel Trends of 2019

When it comes to travel and leisure, vacations look very different these days then they did in the past. Gone are the days of relaxing couples’ getaways and family theme park adventures. Top travel trends for 2019 offer new and exciting ideas for individuals, couples, families, and friends.

Travel Sabbaticals for Families

With more parents working remotely and homeschooling on the rise, it’s not surprising that many families are taking travel sabbaticals to far-flung places for months — sometimes even years — instead of an annual two-week vacation. Global “ed”ventures give families the opportunity to see exotic places, experience different cultures, learn new languages, and make lasting memories. 

Challenging Couples’ Trips

For some vacationing couples, romance and relaxation are overrated. These daring duos would rather take on extreme physical challenges, face fears, and experience a few aches and pains in the name of fun, all to build stronger bonds with their better halves. Popular ideas for exciting couples’ trips include river rafting in Patagonia, dog sledding in the Yukon, winter fat biking in Finland, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Co-living for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo can sound intimidating and lonely, but a new travel trend offers the perfect solution: co-living. Essentially a transitional commune, a co-living space is a temporary boarding house for travelers. Depending on your vacation plans, you can stay for a few days or a few months. There are few limits to where you can go because these spaces are popping up around the globe, from New York and San Francisco to Bali and Shenzhen, China. Types of amenities you can find include pools, hot tubs, rooftop cafes, chef-inspired kitchens, internet connections, and yoga studios.

Vacation Home Rental 2.0

For a while now, groups of friends and family have enjoyed booking private homes for vacation, but 2019 takes vacation home rental to the next level. A new luxury travel trend features high-end homes and hand-picked experiences for travelers who are willing to pay the price. Imagine staying in a hunting lodge in Montana, a beach home on a private island, a garden villa in Tuscany, or a restored English castle.

Conscientious Travel

In choosing where to vacation, many people these days travel with social, environmental, and ethical concerns in mind. Cultural exchanges make a popular travel option, and volunteer vacations, from helping endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica to building girls’ schools in Africa, are trendier than ever. Some travelers only book venues that feature sustainable practices or activities (like beach cleanup) that offset the environmental impact of a vacation. Some of the best travel sites for finding these types of trips include:


If you’re looking for a unique vacation, you have lots of exciting options in 2019. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family and friends, these travel ideas offer an experience you won’t forget. After trotting the globe, return to a cozy home featuring stylish and comfy pieces from CORT Furniture Rental.

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