Design 101: Discover the Best Sofas for Small Spaces

You may think it’s not possible to get comfy on a loveseat, but it’s absolutely achievable. If you’re struggling to find a sofa for a small area in your home, don’t give up. There are a variety of great sofas for small spaces out there. You just need to decide which small sofa is right for your needs.

Set the Tone

Before you can determine which small sofa will work in your small space, you should define the tone you want to set for the room. Will you be lounging on this sofa after work? Or is it just for guests? Whether your goal is to fit the whole family (pets too) on the sofa for movie night or simply prevent your space from looking empty, you’ve got to do some planning.

First things first — grab your tape measure. Take note of the measurements, and take them with you as you begin your small sofa search. You have to know how much space you have available before you can start shopping.

Consider the fabric, color, and style you like. Mid-century modern or traditional? Bold and bright for a stylish pop or neutral and chic to keep things simple? Knowing what your eye is drawn to before visiting a store helps save you time.

Do Stick with Small

To make a small space look bigger than it appears, don’t overwhelm it with large pieces of furniture. Find sofas that are designed specifically for small spaces, and you’re well on your way. Smaller footprints take up less floor space, which means more room to stretch your legs.

For instance, a settee may be the best choice if your room is extra small. Settees are upholstered seats that aren’t typically as wide or as long as a sofa, and they may or may not have arms.

Another option is the loveseat. Roughly two-thirds the size of a standard sofa, loveseats fit into most small living rooms and dens easily. Because loveseats come in all kinds of fabrics and patterns, you don’t have to sacrifice style for a smaller size.

Finally, an armless full-size sofa also makes a great choice for a smaller space. With sleek style, this product offers less visual clutter than most, and many versions fold out flat for extra sleeping space.

Don’t Dismiss Sectional Seating

Although it may seem counterintuitive, sectionals actually work well in small spaces. By doubling your seating, a sectional eliminates the need for extra chairs, and with a stylish coffee table or ottoman, you have an inviting and cozy nook for you and your guests.

To keep a sectional from overwhelming your space, look for styles with low backs and arms. And to create the space you need for a sectional, you can use ceiling fixtures to light the room, allowing you to remove end tables and table lamps from the space

Additionally, some compact sectionals give the illusion of being a small couch with a built-in chaise and can comfortably seat three to four guests. Say goodbye to your itsy-bitsy room and hello to comfy cozy.

Hunt for Multipurpose Pieces

In small spaces, sometimes you need furniture pieces to pull double duty. That said, sleeper sofas, also known as day sofas, are one of the best options out there. What may look like a sofa transforms into a bed for an overnight guest. Unlike futons, sleeper sofas often include fluffy pillows to line the back, providing a comfortable place for relaxing. As a bonus, if you pick one with a durable fabric, this type of sofa is a great option for everyday use.

If extra storage is what you need, some small sofas are designed with roll-out drawers tucked below the seats, so you can really maximize every last inch of spare space.

Another flexible option for small spaces are modular, as they come in pieces that can stand alone or fit together. You can reconfigure the sofa when your needs change, pushing all the pieces together for cozy family time, or sliding out one or two sections to create “chairs” when guests come over.

It may feel like a struggle to fit a small sofa into your tiny room, but there’s no need to stress. When you’re ready to shop for a small sofa, check out all the great options at a CORT Furniture Rental showroom near you.

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