How to Embrace Cluttercore in Your Bedroom

Organized chaos — and a Minimalist’s worst nightmare — Cluttercore is  a true “more is more” approach to interior design. Cluttercore has quickly emerged as one of 2022’s most popular design trends. But what is Cluttercore, and where did this popular style originate? Read on to learn what Cluttercore is and how you can transform your bedroom into a celebration of your favorite items.

What is Cluttercore? 

The Cluttercore aesthetic is an offshoot of Cottagecore and Maximalism and owes its boom in popularity to Tiktok. Cluttercore encourages us to fill our interiors with items that spark joy, including nostalgic collectibles, family heirlooms, vinyl records, expansive book collections, those old Lisa Frank notebooks —  anything and everything that holds a story. In essence, like Maximalism, Cluttercore is the antithesis of everything Marie Kondo taught us. 

Ready to embrace the artful approach of organized mess? We’ve got you covered with this guide to Cluttercore. 

How Do You Create a Cluttercore Room? 

There is no specific formula for achieving Cluttercore. The interpretation is all yours. And while some prefer an over-the-top super maximalist approach with colorful accents and mismatched patterns, others lean towards a less vibrant approach. It’s all up to your personal preference. 

If you’re looking to revolt against tidying and organizing, gather some of your favorite objects and use this guide to start your Cluttercore journey in your bedroom.

A Collector’s Aesthetic

Enshrining your bedroom with sentimental objects is no small feat — and it can also have some positive impacts. Bolstering your space with objects you adore can be an act of comfort and self-love. But, before you go accumulating items, know that each piece of decor in your bedroom should serve some level or purpose. While they don’t necessarily need to serve a specific function, each piece of furniture or decor you bring into your space should at the least add to your creative vision. Start by accumulating knick-knacks, collectibles, decor pieces, and artwork that make you genuinely happy and work up from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is a Cluttercore bedroom.

 Maximize your Space — and Your Impact

Things may look messy, but you don’t have to sacrifice the functionality of your bedroom to create a Cluttercore space. After all, you’ll still need to make your way to your bed every night! 

In order to maximize the utility of your bedroom — and your design statement — consider taking advantage of vertical space. Adorn your wall space with hooks to hang your favorite jewelry, accessories, or clothing items. Create dazzling vignettes and showcase your collections on floating shelves or bookcases. 

By thinking upwards, you’ll be able to make a design statement while keeping things contained — and your bedroom floor navigable. 

Keep a Healthy Balance with Negative Space

A lot of detail is going into your interior when playing with a Cluttercore design. But, too much of a good thing can make your room visually overwhelming. Place your objects with intention — you don’t want your creativity to be lost. While you can (and should) fill up your space, you’ll also need to be mindful of negative space. 

Negative space gives the eye a rest and a necessary break in between the intricate spaces of items you’ve carefully arranged. These designated breaks can help explicitly define themes in your space that will take away the potential stress of having “too much stuff”. 

Use Color and Patterns to Create a Theme

Create visual interest and depth by incorporating a mixture of colors, textures, and patterns. Artfully placed color and pattern can help create a cohesive story and draw your eye through your space. Use pops of color to bring attention where you want it. And if not color, then play with texture and light fixtures to make specific locations the focal point of your room.

Remember: Not all Cluttercore has to be maximalist. You don’t need to be throwing patterns on patterns to get the look. But with careful consideration, you can enhance your space with eye-catching wallpapers, pops of art, or even a DIY feature wall

Embrace Layering

With the art of layering, you can create comfort while simultaneously living out your Cluttercore dreams. Add cushion underfoot and make a design statement by layering rugs. Opt to top bedroom furniture surfaces like dressers or nightstands with interesting runners or even cloth dining placemats. Think one blanket on your bed is enough? Never! Layer on a comforter, folded quilt, and even a few throw blankets and pillows to create a dreamy bed to collapse into at the end of the day.

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