Six Steps to Making Your Home Coastal Grandmother Chic

Grand millennial. Cottagecore. What’s next? Why, Coastal Grandmother, of course! As with so many of the top interior design trends these days, “coastal grandmother” was a term coined on TikTok. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a grandmother to enjoy this trend in your home, nor do you need to live near the coast. With a few carefully curated design choices, anyone can enjoy this classic, relaxing style in their home.

What is a Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic?

Coastal grandmother interior design is centered around calming colors, slow living, and just the right amount of sophisticated accents. It’s a blend of upscale Hamptons-style decor with coastal chic flavor, and it incorporates plenty of natural materials. The style is showcased in several popular movies (one of the most notable is Something’s Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton). In need of more inspiration? Ina Garten and Martha Stewart are a few real-life people who embody the coastal grandmother style in their wardrobes, lifestyles, and homes. 

How to Create A Cozy Coastal Grandmother Home

1. Start with a light neutral palette.

Much like California casual interior design, a coastal grandmother aesthetic starts with a light neutral color palette. White walls, overstuffed beige or cream sofas and chairs, and light, breezy curtains are staples for this calming coastal home decor style. Steal some inspiration from Hamptons interior design with cotton and linen furniture that’s both stylish and easy to care for. 

2. Add coastal-inspired accent colors. 

Pairing blue and white is a popular coastal grandmother combination, though you can certainly pull in other colors you might find on the coast, too. A rich gray that resembles rock provides contrast, and an earthy green reminiscent of seawater can offer depth. Stick to colors that remind you of the elements of nature in a coastal environment: sand, water, sky, clouds, driftwood… you get the idea. Overall, keep your colors light and soft, and save darker colors for the occasional pop of contrast.

3. Spring for sophisticated touches. 

What sets “coastal grandmother” apart from regular old “coastal chic” decor? Upscale accents, of course! Coastal grandmother style draws from elevated Hamptons decorating style, so don’t be afraid to add a little bling (don’t go overboard, though—you still want a carefree vibe!). Add a few little luxuries here and there, like a blue and white ginger jar or a beautiful gold light fixture. Think of a few accessories that a refined, well-traveled grandmother or aunt would have in her home—timeless, chic, but still simple and fuss-free.

4. Warm things up with natural materials.

To keep your sophisticated space from feeling too stuffy, use plenty of natural materials throughout your home, like light woods, stone, natural wood, and wicker. You can incorporate these materials in accessories (like cutting boards or baskets), or you can use bigger pieces (like jute rugs or large wall art) to create more impact with fewer items. After all, the coastal grandmother aesthetic leans more toward “crisp” than “cluttered,” so one statement item made of natural material is better than multiple small ones.

5. Add creature comforts that encourage slow living. 

Now it’s time to cozy up your space! Add anything that makes you think of slow, laidback days: cozy linens, books galore, When it comes to linens, the more texture, the better! Choose nubby fabrics for throw pillows, and chunky knit blankets to drape over your furniture. If you want to use patterned fabrics, look for floral or coastal-inspired prints in blue, light turquoise, and green hues. Don’t forget a glass of wine or some fresh-baked goodies to complete your scene!

6. Bring in something (anything!) fresh from the outside. 

If you’ve ever seen a Nancy Meyers movie, you know a room isn’t complete without a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers. Choose a contrasting color that will pop against your whites and blues, like yellow, pink, or bright red. Pop your flowers into a white pitcher or simple vase and place them in a prominent spot in the room, like the center of your dining room table or right beside your front entry. Don’t have fresh flowers on hand? Try using cut greenery from your yard, or add a few lush, green houseplants (or faux plants if you must!) to bring the outdoors in.

Chic Coastal Decor for Your Home: The Easy Way to Get It

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