How To Design Your Home To Feel Like A Coastal Getaway

After the stresses of a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to return home to your own little island oasis? Whether you live in Rockport, Maine or Boise, Idaho, all is possible with the right elements of coastal decor!

Choose Your Colors

To begin, select a color scheme for your rooms. Your palette is very important and will serve as the baseline for your coastal decor motif. Choose creamy, light-colored natural hues and pair with varying shades of blue or blue-green. It is important that you work with the same hue of blue, and simply find lighter and darker shade versions to add to the color scheme. Otherwise, the overall look will feel imbalanced and unfocused. Beachy blues and sandy beiges work very well together.

Select Accent Pieces

Find accents that will fit your theme. Coastal decor is all about incorporating physical elements of the beach into your home. Rope nets, opaque and blue-green glass bottles, model ships, and coral centerpieces can easily tie your look together. If you have easy access to the beach, why not make a day of finding unique treasures for your home? Collect seashells, sand dollars, starfish and interesting pieces of driftwood that can be used as bookends. An ocean or linen scented candle can provide an extra touch to your coastal comfort interior design theme.

Create Your Own DIY Project

The fun part about coastal decor is that it is easy to find new things to add to your collection in stores, and there are several how-to’s on the internet for creative DIY projects at your fingertips. Some of our favorites include different ideas for how to use seafoam green paint and creative decor ideas for your collected seashells. The possibilities are endless! You can also browse our home furniture rental packages to find furnishings that could be the perfect fit for your coastal getaway.

For some visual inspiration, visit our “Coastal Comforts” pinboard on our Pinterest page! Our mood board features modern, traditional, and antique coastal decor themes for your home.