5 California Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Sunny days have arrived outside, but what about the interior of your home? Channel those forever-summer vibes with a dose of California-style decor in your home. We’re here to share our best tips to get you started! 

How to Create California Casual Interior Design 

1. Brighten up with crisp white walls. 

Nearly every quintessential California bungalow interior has one thing in common: white walls. Choosing a crisp white paint color for your interior walls can not only bring a cohesive feel to your space; it can also reflect and amplify natural light inside your home. White walls serve as the perfect backdrop for a casual space, and you can always add visual interest with texture and a few coastal-inspired accent colors. 

2. Add texture. 

White walls make for a clean backdrop, but you don’t want it all sleek and smooth all the time! To add interest while keeping the light and airy feel in your home, add texture with textiles, wall art, and organic materials. Choose a natural wood console table or credenza to bring some desert-style interior design to your dining room and add living room pillows and throw blankets that remind you of a natural, coastal environment. 

3. Let the sunshine in. 

The best way to get a light and airy look? Let in light and air, of course! Even if you don’t open your windows frequently, choose window treatments that look and feel as if they’ll gently sway in the breeze on a sunny day. Don’t have much natural light in your space? No problem. Add a few boho lamps near your windows to create an illusion of more sunlight during the day. 

4. Mix old and new. 

Just like a fine Napa Valley wine, California home decor gets better when you add a bit of age. Even if you like to regularly change things up with new furniture, vintage pieces can add warmth and character to your space. Gone are the days when Southern California interior design is all about the newest and sleekest pieces—mix it up with antique (or made-to-look-vintage) furniture and accessories. 

5. Keep it simple. 

You’re looking for California casual design—there’s nothing formal about it. To keep things feeling Cali cool instead of stuffy, opt for simple elements in your design decisions. Clean lines in furniture add that Scandinavian element to your California-style decor. A simple mid-century mod dining room chandelier rather than an ornate, curvy one will keep your west-coast flow all the way up to the ceiling. 

California Interior Design: Curated to Be Casual

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