3 Types of Timeless Furniture that Never Go Out of Style

With a history that spans the use of shag carpets of the 70s, the jarring neons of the 80s, and the sectional craze of the 1990s, CORT Furniture has just about seen it all. But during its 50 years in business, there have been certain furniture styles that have stood the test of time, and which look just as stylish today as when they came into being 50, 100, or even thousands of years ago. Here we explore a few timeless furniture styles that will lend a touch of sophisticated elegance to your home — no matter what decade (or century) it is.

Round-table dining set 

If there’s one tradition that has stood the test of time, it’s gathering around the table with friends, family, or colleagues to share in a meal and conversation — particularly at a round table. Round dining tables are enmeshed in legend and history alike. Myth and lore point to King Arthur of Camelot — of Excalibur and Knights of the Round Table fame —  as the “inventor” of the round table in the 13th century. Legend goes that Arthur created the round table to prevent hierarchy, rank, or power disputes as traditionally the “head seat”  of the table was reserved for the most powerful member at the table. In this sense, the round table stood as a symbol of equality. 

Although it’s unconfirmed whether King Arthur is entirely a myth or is indeed based on a historical figure, we can say with certainty that round tables became a prominent feature in royal courts beginning in the 13th century and remain popular in boardrooms, restaurants, and homes today. 

Round tables remain a popular alternative to rectangular or square tables due to their clean, organic lines and space-saving design. Round dining tables allow for free-flowing conversation and easy passing and serving at the table. A wooden round dining table and matching chairs provide a durable and classic look that can be incorporated into every dining space — whether a formal dining room or an eat-in kitchen. Best of all, you can incorporate this timeless piece into nearly any design style by opting for rich, dark woods, light natural wood, a rustic unfinished look, or even a painted option for a pop of color.

Leather sofa

When it comes to living room furniture, nothing is as timelessly elegant as the leather sofa. This type of lounge furniture has been in use for thousands of years, with leather being used to make the thrones of Arabian rulers, as well as loungers found in the homes of powerful Roman patricians. But leather sofas became widely available and trendy in the 1960s—the place where families would gather to listen to the radio or watch television. Not only do leather sofas have a storied history, they also have a bright future. These sofas are easy to style and maintain for years to come, and are extremely versatile. Whether you go for a classic, glamorous look with a black leather sofa, or choose a warmer color palette of beiges and browns, leather sofas add a rich texture to any space that immediately creates a sense of sophisticated elegance in any time period.

Wingback chair

The wingback chair finds its origins in 17th century England. The high back and curved sides were designed to protect the occupant from drafts as they sat next to the hearth. While protection from cold currents of air may no longer be a primary concern in today’s homes, the elegance of the design has endured even if the problem it solved for has not. Whether you choose a wingback chair with a classic color palette or go for bold patterns and colors, this chair is a piece of timeless home design that can span generations.

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