The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Decorating With Faux Plants

Is it a faux pas to use faux plants? Are fake plants out of style? The answer to both of these questions is “absolutely not” — especially when done right! From Nordic Scandinavian’s Hygge influence to ultra-modern interiors, faux plants certainly have a place. However, there’s a fine line between tasteful and tacky. Be wary of these common mistakes people make when decorating with artificial plants in their homes, and tuck away some tips for refining your artificially green thumb.

Mistake #1: Decorating with low-quality faux plants

This one is simple. Only decorate with quality artificial plants. Here’s what to look for in a good fake plant:

  • Real-looking trunk or stems
  • Imperfect or unsymmetrical leaves that look more natural
  • Filler in the pot of the plant, including decorative rocks, faux dirt, or a base that you can easily cover

(Bonus Tip: If you have a few plants that look a little more fake than the others, place them on top of a bookshelf or other spot away from possible scrutiny. No one will be the wiser.)

Mistake #2: Putting your fake plants in an unnatural place

Would you put a live houseplant in a dark, windowless hallway? If you wanted to keep it alive, you wouldn’t! When figuring out how to arrange indoor plants, think about where they would grow best if they were living. To create a true indoor oasis, top your bookcases, end tables, and benches with faux greenery. Feel free to double up on the plants you like but avoid putting the same kinds of plants next to one another since they’ll look nearly identical. 

Here are a few of our favorite artificial plants for home decor and where to put faux plants in your house:

  • Entryway: Welcome everyone who walks in the front door with a gorgeous “living” succulent wall. Place your succulent wall behind an eye-catching console table or wooden bench for maximum impact. It’s sure to impress and is a unique alternative to a large mirror, photo, or painting.


  • Living Room: Some of the best artificial plants in living room ideas include trees! Fiddle leaf fig, smilax, and ficus trees fill an empty corner beautifully and make a great statement piece. There are plenty of good fake plants for living room decor, too. Bookshelves are an easy place to start placing your plants. Trailing plants like philodendron and pothos (which come in various colors, including golden, silver, marble queen, and neon to complement any room’s color palette) go nicely on the top shelf. Peperomia and succulents work well between shelves. Snake plants and monstera deliciosa (also known as the Swiss cheese plant) come in a range of sizes that can hold their own in a floor planter or on an accent table or shelf. Mix and match and be sure to follow best practices for decorating shelves.


  • Dining Room: Succulents are a no-brainer when it comes to dining room plants because a mixed succulent arrangement makes a perfect centerpiece. A colorful Bird of Paradise is a pretty substitute for a vase of flowers. Peperomia and ZZ plants are also good choices for the dining room because their leaves are more contained, allowing them to dress a gorgeous table without dominating the space.


  • Kitchen: Place a few faux friends on the window sill above the sink to make washing dishes 10x more enjoyable (and avoid taking up valuable counter space). Try a lineup of cacti, succulents, herbs, and aloe vera. Aloe vera plants are known for their soothing properties, and while your fake one won’t provide much relief to an oven burn, it’s still fitting for it to live in the kitchen. Simple green grasses are another excellent option for the kitchen because of their herb-like quality.


  • Bedroom: Artificial hanging plants are ideal for creating bedroom bliss. A fern looks quite lovely hanging on the corner or sitting on a dresser or high shelf, and its fringe-y leaves help soften a room. Peace lilies are also popular fake plants in bedrooms — put one on your nightstand to enjoy.


  • Bathroom: Bamboo creates a spa vibe — just what you want in your bathroom. A string of pearls or donkey tail plant is also a beautiful addition hanging in a decorative plant hanger or perched on a shelf letting its beads drape down like a peaceful green waterfall. 


Mistake #3: Skipping the repotting process

When you bring home a live plant, you repot it, add more soil, and personalize it for your home. Do the same with your faux plants! These three things will go a long way to creating a tastefully plant-studded home.

  1. Find decorative planters that coordinate with each other and fit your home’s aesthetic. Get creative! For example, a planter on a tall stand can take your plant from the background to the focal point. Planters are a great way to incorporate a pop of accent color.
  2. Touch up the filler if needed. Decorative stones or moss are reliable options. To sell the live effect, add some real dirt to the top of the pot. 
  3. Gently bend a few stems here and there, so they aren’t perfect. This can help the plant look less artificial. 

Mistake #4: Thinking you can set it and forget it

You may not have to water your faux indoor plants, but they still need regular care, as artificial leaves gather dust and grime. Dust them regularly and give them a good deep clean in the sink with soap and water every few months. Touch up their form every once in a while, too—after all, a live plant doesn’t look the same forever.

Mistake # 5: Collecting too many plants

While Crazy Plant Lady may be the new Crazy Cat Lady, there is such a thing as too many fake plants. A room full of living plants creates a lush, organic feel but a room bursting at the seams with faux plants tends to have a lackluster effect. The best way to get that organic feel with your fake plants is to mix in a few real plants, too — the addition will make the overall feel more natural, and you can get away with a few more green friends. To stick to your budget, choose larger artificial plants and smaller real ones. 

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