7 Ways to Cottagecore Your Room

Rooted in English history, vintage foundations, and feminine overlays, cottagecore is one of the newest home design trends found across popular social media platforms. With this aesthetic, plants hang from walls and ceilings, wicker foraging baskets reflect the forest escapist lifestyle, and feelings of comfort, self-reliance, and personal freedom emanate throughout the space.

Ready to turn your home into a dreamy world of nature-inspired nostalgia? Get started with these cottagecore aesthetic room ideas.

What is Cottagecore Decor?

The cottagecore design aesthetic is inspired by centuries-old European nobility and their get-away homes. These soothing abodes were often lavish cottages deep in the countryside and were the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of noble life. Today, cottagecore romanticizes this tradition. 

Cottagecore rooms recreate simpler times and are often full of floral decorations, timeless vintage pieces, and rustic touches. This English cottage-style aesthetic can even be broken down into different styles and genres, including gardencore, farmcore, countrycore, and grandmacore. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set the cottagecore foundation in any room. 

So how do you recreate this design style in your own home? Read on for some cottagecore room inspo.

1. Plant-ify Your Home

With careful nods towards the agrarian age and forest living, live plants and dried flowers are a must when converting a room into this dreamy aesthetic. Display wild or dehydrated flowers in vintage vases, drape antique hanging planters from the ceiling, and try finding plants that are native to where you live for the perfect added touch. There’s almost no such thing as having too many plants when it comes to the cottagecore design style — almost.

Don’t have much of a green thumb? Reach for faux plants and flowers. These low-maintenance options pack the same punch — just make sure not to make these common mistakes

2. Show Off Your Spices and Ingredients

Just like plants and flowers, items associated with cooking, baking, gardening, and other home-making activities strongly influence the cottagecore lifestyle. Have a small kitchen low on storage space? Get creative and create more storage space with furniture. Use a bookcase to showcase dried ingredients like herbs and spices in decorative containers and jars, cookbooks, and faux plants, and small decor items. 

From there, place bright fruit and vegetables like apples, squash, and broccoli in suspended bowls. And embrace big, handwritten labels on spice jars for an aesthetically-pleasing effect on your home’s interior. 

3. Play with Color, Texture, & Fabrics

Cottagecore style relies on a more eclectic approach when it comes to the color and texture throughout your space. Not sure where to start? Begin with a neutral base and work from there. Keep your “core” furniture items simple and traditional. Turn to wood options for headboards, dining tables, coffee tables, benches, and credenzas.

 For sofas, lounge chairs, and other upholstered items keep things classic and minimal. Lean into sandy shades, khakis, and clean neutrals.

Add in pops of pastel or nature-inspired color with throw pillows — like the nature-inspired Astrid or Rylan pillow packs. Adorn your walls with nature-inspired artworks and light-enhancing decorative mirrors

Popular prints and motifs that often enhance a cottagecore-themed space include: 

  • Botanical
  • Mushrooms
  • Floral 
  • Spring herbs
  • Animals like frogs, birds, and butterflies
  • Anything nature-inspired

Textured fabrics that are often used in cottagecore can be any of the following: 

  • Neutrals
  • Boucle
  • Natural materials
  • Quilted fabrics
  • Lace
  • Fleece
  • Cotton

4. Make Wallpaper Your Focal Point

When it comes to cottagecore, stunning, vintage-inspired wallpaper is back on-trend, and it should be at the top of your shopping list. Floral or nature-detailed wallpaper makes for a sensational backdrop to cottagecore decor. Highlight an accent wall with an eye-catching whimsical print, or wallpaper the entire room. There’s really no wrong way to do it. 

And if you’d rather not deal with the hassle of putting up real wallpaper, opt for faux options instead. These alternatives often look just as good and have the same magical effect. 

5. Decorate with Antique and DIY Decor Pieces

Tie everything together with artwork and decor pieces that nod towards simpler times. And since this design style embraces careful messiness, don’t be afraid of a little clutter. 

Fill your home with victorian teacups and plate ware, showcased in glass pantries. Fill wicker baskets with yarn and weaving needles — even if they’re not being used. Stack classic novels and stationary on side tables, and hang up wall art that tells a playful, old-fashioned story. 

6. Opt for Vintage Inspired Furniture and Decor

Vintage furniture — or vintage-inspired furniture —  complements the cottagecore aesthetic and helps to enhance the nostalgic vibe this design trend is known for. However, you can achieve the same look with new furniture that incorporates classic lines. CORT has plenty of sustainable options to choose from. 

Create a welcoming dining room infused with cottagecore style. Combine a warm-toned, rustic wooden farmhouse table with a classic but comfortable upholstered dining chair

In the bedroom, opt for a statement-making dramatic paneled headboard and matching dresser set. Hone in on warm woods, soft bedding, and emphasize comfort to make your space feel like a forest retreat.

In the living room, reach for classically designed pieces. Choose pieces inspired by iconic Chesterfield designs and in rustic, textured fabrics such as boucle. 

For a finishing touch, incorporate a rustic bench. Benches don’t just add an aesthetic touch. When placed at the foot of your bed or in the master entryway, benches add functionality to your space.

Does true vintage speak to your soul? Shop thrift stores, garage sales, antique stores for accent pieces and decor items. 

7. Cottagecore with CORT

Bring your romantic Cottagecore dreams to life by renting the furniture and decor you love — and need — from CORT. This design trend is all about sustainability and self-reliance, and we offer exactly that! 

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