Your Small Kitchen: Storage Ideas for Maximum Efficiency and More Work Space

For small kitchen organization, every square inch of extra space counts. That’s where smart storage becomes critical. With the help of these clever tips and tricks, you can make your space work for you instead of against you. Use these small kitchen storage ideas to free up space for prep work and cooking to make your kitchen more efficient.

1. Behind the Door

Put the inside of cabinet doors to use. To get started, hang wire shelving inside cabinet and pantry doors to store everything from spices to cleaning supplies. Create an extension of your drawers by adding hooks inside the doors and hanging utensils like measuring spoons and spatulas.

2. Take Sides

The sides of your cabinets are forgotten areas that offer several square feet of bonus storage. Consider these creative small kitchen storage ideas for cabinet sides:

  • Hang utensils using rails and hooks.
  • Store kitchen towels in wire baskets.
  • Add narrow shelves for spices.
  • Mount a wine rack.
  • Hang cutting boards on hooks.

3. Reclaim Nooks and Crannies

Take advantage of odd, small, high-up wall areas. Think pegboards for things like big spoons, whisks, pizza cutters, and ladles. Mount magnetic strips for knives and small shelves for jars.

4. Aim High

Don’t let the space above your cabinets go to waste. Use wire baskets to store seldom-used items like holiday linens, napkin rings, and candle holders. You can do the same above your range if it doesn’t have a hood, and the top of your refrigerator also makes prime real estate for appliances like bread makers and mixers. Gain bonus room by adding a shelf on top of the fridge.

5. Go Under

The underside of your raised cabinets — or shelves — is also valuable real estate. Use it to hang items on hooks or attach jars for spices and staples like sugar and loose tea.

6. Make It Portable

For extra prep space, install wheels on the bottom of a small shelf and turn it into a portable island. When you don’t need it in the kitchen, you can push it against a wall in the dining room and use it to store cookbooks and linens.

7. Keep It Narrow

Don’t have any pantry space? Install a narrow pull-out shelf in the gap between your refrigerator and the wall. Create more vertical storage by adding shelves on either side of the kitchen door or in the narrow space between the refrigerator and the wall.

These small kitchen storage ideas can help you think more creatively about your space. As you’re planning your small kitchen organization project, check out the kitchen essentials available from CORT Furniture Rental. CORT offers numerous solutions for kitchen and household storage in all types of spaces.

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