5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your New Texas Home

If you are looking to infuse your new Texas home with a little bit of Wild West, this is one of those styles you can either go all-in on to make it truly authentic or just sprinkle it here and there throughout your space. Whichever direction you decide to take your southwest interior design in, we give you five ways to use accent furniture in your new Texas home. We guarantee some fresh good looks, lots of mix-and-match possibilities, as well as the widespread appeal of the sprawling deserts against the azure skies, towering pines, and sublime vistas.

The traditional style of the American Southwest – we all know the reasons behind its appeal. For starters, it’s fun. Next, it takes a whole slew of history and bundles it up nicely into a single, distinct interior design genre. Still, the fact that it relies on a long tradition makes it no less easily translatable to our modern-day homes and any personal style. Timelessness – that is why it is so easy to fall head over heels in love with this iconic look. This may also be the reason why it has never fallen out of favor. In fact, it has only caught more eyes and turned more heads of homeowners and interior designers over the years. Here are some ways you can pull it off.

#1 Spruce up your entry for a pleasing sight that beckons you inside

Don’t judge a book by its cover – they say. Yet, many a time, we think it fair to judge a home by its entryway. The thing is – your entry does a lot more than set the tone for the rest of your house. It’s also the sight that welcomes you home day after day. So, why not try and make it a good one?

This is the perfect place to use one of the furniture pieces you got for your new Texas home and make it a focal point that welcomes you upon entry. For instance, this antique reclaimed wood chest or handsome woven leather chest, for a more unique casual expression, will both serve as a great accent to your place and extra surface and storage space. On the other hand, you may find that a stylish and sophisticated dark wood console table would compliment the rich, dark jewel tones of your entry much better.

You now have got the basics covered. Now’s the time to accessorize. You can top your entryway focal point with a vibrant painting of cowboys or Native American Indians. You can also adorn it with a tapestry wall hanging above for a dash of color and rustic elegance. For a more modern southwestern look, hang some framed cactus prints. Finally, no desert-inspired look is complete without some desert foliage. A potted cactus provides an instant nature charm and adds to the lively vibe of the room.

Woven Leather Chest

#2 Refresh your living room with a beautiful and functional conversation starter

Need a conversation starter? The right choice of a small occasional table can complement not only your home but also your decorating style! Most often, they have some captivating treatments that make them a great accent feature. But occasional accent tables aren’t only desired for their attention-drawing power. The Leveni Coffee Table or Dane Coffee Table, for instance, will pull your space together in style while providing a convenient surface area for resting your morning coffee or newspapers. You can also go for a more traditional-styled coffee table that works well with a variety of decors.

Also, don’t forget about small tables. End tables are a fantastic way to use accents in your new home in Texas. However, they can also be used to display another focal point. Think, for instance, southwestern-inspired table lamps to frame your sofa and light up the room. Or perhaps some unique decorative accents, such as Kachina dolls, bleached skulls, and pottery pieces to add some interest.


#3 Select a chair with flair

Chairs are another common item you can use as accent furniture in your new Texas home. To have them fit the picture, choose their upholstery in sand, ochre, muted greens, and other calming terrestrial hues. Then again, you can also go with a more vibrant color palette and rich textures of the traditional southwestern style.

For a recent project, a young couple recently moved back to their birthplace, Austin, TX, and wanted to try a more polished look for their apartment yet still incorporate the city’s rich history. They’ve opted for this comfy accent chair with brown, quality leather upholstery and the most outstanding silhouette and grouped it with this sophisticated button-tufted leather sofa for a complete furniture grouping that exudes elegance without forgoing comfort.

They completed the look with a brown and white cowhide area rug that oozes rustic and wild charm. Finally, they added some colorful pillows that give it a major desert vibe. So, if you’ve recently moved to Austin and you’re also looking to spruce up your new apartment, you can take a cue from this young couple.


#4 Accentuate with large, imposing pieces

An accent piece is an accent piece, right? So, name one reason why it couldn’t just as well be large and imposing? A china cabinet, an armoire, or a large printed folding screen. Large pieces of furniture like these are perfect for adding a unique decorative accent wherever you choose to place them. Of course, be on the lookout not to oversimplify or overwhelm a room. For instance, say you’ve got a busy room to work with. These work perfectly when balanced out with an accent piece that’s plain. If that accent piece has a prominent color that matches other elements in the room, it’s a huge plus. But, if the rest of the furniture is muted, tall and imposing ornate pieces achieve that perfect harmony.

If you’re not entirely sure what furniture piece to purchase, it’s a good thing you have the option of renting out furniture. This allows you to test out an item you like without making a permanent purchase. After all, the bulkier, the pricier. And, if you happen to change your mind after a while about the piece you got, you can just send it back.

#5 Let your dining table be in the spotlight

Looking for ways to use accent furniture in your new Texas home? A dining table feels like a natural choice, doesn’t it? Luckily, they come in every conceivable color, style, and size. So, find one that appeals to you and complements other pieces in the room. Then, prepare your smoked meats in the backyard, throw in your preferred side dish, and serve the specialty for the family gathered around your new accent dining table.