Heightening Your Home Through Accents

Home accents are decor pieces that can be functional, decorative, or both. They provide finishing touches to a space, helping to enhance and complete the stylistic look a homeowner is going for. Accents can either be a focal point for a room, or simply add to an area in a more subtle tone. Either way, they help finish a home and establish a sense of comfort. Here are some home accents that will be sure to enhance your space! 

Picture Frames 

Whether you’re purchasing art or getting prints, wall photo frames are essential when adding accents to a home. These frames draw the eye once they’re in a space, they’re a prominent hanging on the wall that stands out. You can elaborate as much as you’d like with the style of the frame, whether it be a simple color or an intricate design. Wall art like this gives a finished look to a space, when it’s hung in a frame it solidifies its place in your home. Pictures, art, or whatever else you place in a frame showcases your personal design tastes. Plus, frames can translate the memories you’ve cultivated with friends, family, and important moments in your life. 


Mirrors establish a focal point in a home, creating a statement. Because they’re reflective, they can project more light into an area, so if you’re placing one in a room make sure it’s across or near a window to accentuate the natural brightness from the outdoors. In a narrow hallway or small room, mirrors can provide an illusion, making the space seem larger than it actually is. The added visual depth and dimension of a mirror can also help highlight your furniture and other decor in a room. Another benefit of this home accent? Being able to check yourself out when you walk into the room. There’s nothing better than being able to make sure you’re looking good before heading out! 


As one of the most popular plants to have in the home, succulents are a nice natural element to add as an accent. Taking care of succulents is easy, as they’re able to survive in a variety of climates, but will mainly thrive in a room that is moderately temperate. Succulents help provide humidity into the air, meaning that you’ll be able to help decrease the chance of a sore throat or cough. With the variety of colors, sizes, and types of succulents, they’re subtle additions to any room. Especially if you’re on a budget, plants are a lovely accent that will bring a pop of color to a space. From a Feng Shui perspective, succulents are a symbol of wealth and good fortune. If you’re feeling like you need a boost of good luck, investing in a succulent might be for you! 

Textured Accents 

Texture can be best described as the surface quality of a material. In interior design, this is an important part of decorating, textured accents are the best way to create contrast and flow in a space. Finding types of materials that are different than the furniture in a room is important, as it will help give balance and a sense of cohesion. There are two main types of texture in design, visual and tactile. Tactile relates to the actual feeling of a surface material, where visual is the eye appeal when you walk into a room. When trying to find textural accents, the easiest pieces to look for are pillows and blankets. On a leather couch, a fuzzy soft throw or pillow will compliment the material well. If you have a plush carpet, a sleek metal coffee table creates harmony in a living room. Playing around with varying elements is what’ll help you find what you love.

Home accents are a great way to finish your home. They help tie your furniture and decor all together to make a space feel lived in and welcoming to guests. The most important thing to remember is to cater your accents to your own design tastes, as this is your home! The things that make you happy and excited to be home is what should be in your space, trying different pieces and furniture arrangement is the only way to figure out what works for your style.

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