Embrace Blue Hues and Make Your Home Feel Like You

From the sky’s shifting shades to the ocean’s multi-hued depths, it’s easy to see why blue has captivated humans for millennia. However, with so many options, it can be an overwhelming color to utilize in your home! After all, the difference between a room painted French blue and a room painted aqua can be the difference between crafting a soothing retreat and making a bold statement!


So, how exactly do you utilize this color to capture the exact atmosphere you’re looking for? Read on to learn about giving your home a blue re-do, room by room!


How to Use Blue in Your Home


The options for working blue into your home’s decor are almost as endless as the shades of blue you can pick. Here are a few different ideas for making your space shine.


Brighten up your bedroom.


Blue bedroom walls and decor can have wildly different results, depending on the shade you use. Bedroom color may directly affect your sleep and relaxation, so it’s generally best to stick to muted, soothing tones that invoke peace and tranquility. Consider embracing the classic elegance of navy, or keep it cool with a steel blue. 


Blues pair well with more neutral furniture, lighter wood tones, and gray upholstery. Combine a steel blue comforter with a pale wood bedframe or navy pillows with grey upholstered accent chairs for a clean, peaceful look.


Much like blue bedrooms, blue bathrooms can be the epitome of relaxation. Turn your bathroom into the ultimate spa-like retreat with a hazy slate blue that leans more towards gray. Decorate with smooth river rocks and simple, abstract wall art for a distraction-free space to start your day.


Go wild, go mild, in the living room.


While your bedroom and bathroom may call for subdued blues to keep the peace, your living room has the potential for bolder statements. Navy blue is highly adaptable and can add dark sophistication to your family room with a gentler edge than going pure black. If you’re concerned about a dark room being too dramatic, bring in a little light and pair navy with tan or gray living room furniture.


If you’re in the mood for something a little less Parisian and a little louder, consider an accent wall of blue mixed with green, like turquoise or aquamarine. These colors still work well with a timeless living room sofa or sectional while bringing an impactful pop! And if a cyan accent wall isn’t quite your speed, throw pillows and blankets are a low-commitment way to bring in a bold blue.


Minimize stress with a tranquil blue home office.


After your living room gets a redo with blue, your home office can benefit from the hue, too! Consider adopting a cornflower blue to channel a little peace and ease, which you might crave on a hectic day of video calls. Ocean-inspired paintings and prints may help reduce stress while you work long hours, or a soothing cerulean blanket can help keep your toes warm on dreary winter days. Shades of blue will look great with almost any color of office furniture, whether that’s a wooden desk or a black leather office chair!


Give your outdoor spaces a historic touch.


Your home’s interior shouldn’t get all the attention – blue can spruce up your patio, porch, or balcony! Haint blue is a popular color for the ceiling of a home’s front porch. It’s a tradition from the Gullah Geechee people of coastal Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, and the color is believed to ward off evil spirits, also known as haints. Besides malicious spirits, some people believe that a blue porch will also ward off bugs like mosquitos – though others may consider those to be the same! 


If painting your porch isn’t an option, embrace blue patio furniture to give your outdoor space a bright pop. Choose shades of aqua and pair them with teals and greens for a beachy feel. Or, match deep blue accents to terracotta pots and colorful tiled decor for a Mediterranean twist. Whether you embrace haint blue’s protective properties or simply adorn your patio with blue outdoor furniture, it will brighten your outside space.


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