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student furniture rentalCORT Furniture can cover all student furniture rental needs, but when it comes to finding a place to fit all of your stuff into your new living arrangement, you may have discovered your first challenge! CORT Facebook friend, Krista Weaver, says that “storage, storage, storage!” is the key to organization, and we definitely agree. 

Student Furniture RentalCORT student furniture rental packages can provide you with flexibility when you are furnishing your first apartment during college. At a time in your life where you may not know what the coming years will bring with regards to jobs, future internship opportunities or additional schooling, CORT Furniture can provide you with temporary furnishings that suit your transitional lifestyle.

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that partners CORT Furniture with educational institutions to provide valuable student furniture solutions. At a time when revenue is down at many colleges and universities, we’re launching our Partner Referral Program.

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furniture blogIt’s time again to review the quickly-ending year.  Here at the CORT furniture blog, we’re going share five of our most popular posts from 2012, just in case you missed them the first time around. Hopefully you’ll find a few tips to make your 2013 a little brighter.

furniture rentalDecorating for the holidays can seem like a monumental task–how will you ever make your home as perfectly cozy as the ones in movies? Here are some ways to streamline the process and help you add a little holiday cheer to your home without going crazy.

relocationRelocation, whether it’s to another city or just across town, can be very unsettling. Even if you have used destination services, relocation can be a lot of work. Aside from the hassles of packing, unpacking, organizing and cleaning, relocation also means turning your new space into a place you can call home. A great housewarming party can help you do just that.

furniture rentalBringing the outdoors inside is not a new concept in interior design, but the recent resurgence of this beautiful trend has brought with it some stunningly lovely, creative, and even quirky innovations on this earthy classic. In this week’s furniture blog, we’re focusing on classic examples and new twists on incorporating the outdoors into your home staging, furniture rental and interior design.

furniture blogSomewhere deep down inside, we would all love a home with a huge kitchen, three different pantries and an endless kitchen island. Who wouldn’t love a living room that can fit as many couches as it could beds? The reality is that we don’t all live in the same universe as the characters of Friends, especially today–more and more people are vying for apartments, and rent is increasing as a result. Space is limited–and valuable.

furniture rentalIdentifying Accent Pieces

There are many items that can constitute an accent piece.  Furniture rental is one way to decorate your home with small accent furniture items like chairs, end tables, and ottomans.  But furniture rental of accent pieces can also encompass such items as artwork, sculpture, throw pillows, throw blankets, and plants. 

furniture blogIf the new year is the time for a new look in your home, you’ve come to the right place. This week on the furniture blog, we will be covering three steps to achieving a more stylish look in your home in 2013.

small space furniture rentalA small living room space can be a difficult interior to design. Irregular dimensions, low ceilings, or little natural light are all challenges that even the most experienced interior designers struggle with from project to project. Furniture rental is not only a cost effective solution to your design needs, but also gives you plenty of choices in how to work with your living room.

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