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cort student lifeYou’re finally ready to move out of the dorms and into your first college apartment. Congratulations! This is an exciting moment in your life that you’re sure to look back on fondly.  You’ll never forget this first apartment, so make sure it’s perfect for you.

relocation international studentAttending college in a foreign country is an exciting and unique experience for students, but relocating to somewhere new can be a very stressful decision in a student’s career.  From selecting which school to attend, to where you should live and how you will get around, there are many potential challenges that come with being an international student.

How to Cohabitate

College offers students many first time opportunities—the first time moving away from home, the first time facing new and unknown situations and often and for many, the first time living with a roommate. Moving in with a roommate can present many unique challenges, including combining personal décor styles to create a comfortable home for all.  

There are better ways than dumpster diving and responding to nightmarish online

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Favorite Family RecipesYoung adults going off to college for the first time are often excited about starting the next chapter of their life.  However, once the boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung on the wall, homesickness can settle in and have you missing many of your favorite things from home, especially home-cooked meals.

space planningThere is a bright spot in commercial real estate, and it’s streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows in office spaces around the country. From traditional businesses to tech startups, modern, open workspaces are all the rage in major metropolitan areas across the country.

furniture rentalAs warmer weather is fast-approaching, you might start thinking about how to liven up your décor or furniture rental to welcome spring and summer.  But how to do it without spending a fortune?  Decorating seasonally can be a challenge, but the key is flexibility and creativity.  This week at CORT Furniture Rental, we reached out to our followers and to decorating experts to find out how you stay on trend from season to season with your home décor.

furniture rentalSpring is here and summer is quickly on its way. In addition to getting your shorts out for the onslaught of sunshine, there’s also no better time to dive back into experimenting with food and hosting dinners. If you’re interested in entertaining this summer, don’t let your dining room dissuade you–here are some simple and quick ways to spruce it up for those afternoon brunches and dinners that go late into the night.


Love the outdoors? Get ready to soak up the sun with these five easy tips for designing your dream patio! You'll never want to head back inside

There’s nothing better than curling up in a warm blanket on a

Are you trying to decorate your dorm or apartment on a tight

Woman Playing With DogWelcoming a new pet to your household is always exciting, but it doesn’t come without intensive planning and preparation. You’ve probably already researched the best pet food, found the local dog park (unless, of course, you’re getting a cat), and maybe even purchased a custom-made collar for the newest addition to the family. However, before your four-legged friend takes its first steps in its new home, there are many factors to take into consideration in order to make their new home as pet-friendly as possible.

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