New Event Furniture Makes Technology a Silent Participant

Technology continues to impact our lives in a growing number of ways. “The importance of not only being connected to our devices but to also maintaining accessibility to charging capabilities cannot be stressed enough in the current event landscape,” said Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT Event Furnishings.

Event attendees now expect convenient areas to plug in their mobile devices, whereas a few years ago, they would have been pleasantly surprised to find it.

Integrating Technology

As big players like Apple, Google and Amazon have shown us, the best technology integrates into the world around them. The latest gadgets, from wearables to personal assistants, allow us to easily access technology, while still participating in everyday life.

Now, even furniture helps make that possible.

CORT’s new Tech Tablet Chair makes technology integral to the design. When attendees rush to find seating by wall outlets to charge their electronics, it is disruptive to the overall event experience. Instead, the Tech Tablet Chair features built-in USB and AC outlets, allowing every attendee to charge conveniently.


Beyond charging, personal belongings can also get in the way at meetings. When was the last time you walked through an aisle at a conference and didn’t trip over someone’s purse or bag? The CORT Tech Tablet chair features an under-seat shelf for personal items, removing a potential hazard. Featuring a swivel table, attendees can use their laptops or tablets to easily take notes and stay engaged.

Comfort, Style and Function Remain at the Forefront

No matter how technology is integrated, some features will always be paramount in furniture design – comfort and functionality. CORT’s Tech Tablet Chair not only offers comfortable soft seating, but also comes in a stylish soft gray vinyl and sturdy chrome base. It can easily be linked together with up to five connections, meaning fewer outlets are needed to power the meeting. When attendees are comfortable and have access to charging capabilities, they are more engaged and interactive.

Technology will continue to play an important role in meetings and events. With the help of connected furniture and the latest innovations from companies like CORT Events, meeting and event planners can more easily give attendees the tools for an immersive experience, while maintaining the design aesthetic of an event.