From Dated to Dazzling: How to Make Your Old Apartment Look Modern

You can’t choose the bones of your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t modernize it. Even if the floors, walls, and windows are relics of the eighties, the space can be completely transformed through the furniture and décor you choose. Take your apartment from dated to dazzling with these modern apartment design ideas and tips.

Stick to Clean, Straight Lines 

The look of the moment is sleek, simple, and clean. If you’re on a modernization mission, opt for pieces with bold geometric lines over pieces that are more ornate or embellished. For example, choose a bed with a simple headboard, like the Everett Headboard, over something traditional or tufted.

Instead of a lavish and stately dining set, make a simpler statement with something streamlined and airy. There is a misconception that “modern” means cold or unwelcoming. In fact, unassuming pieces and clean lines make rooms feel light, bright, and fresh.  

Incorporate Metallic Finishes 

Furnishings with elements of chrome and stainless steel can easily bring any space into the 2020s. Not only does the combination of textures create visual interest, but the reflective nature of the metals can also brighten the entire space. Look for chairs, coffee tables, and end tables with chrome or stainless steel legs, or incorporate the metals in light fixtures, mirrors, vases, or other pieces of décor. A little can go a long way, and a metallic pop here and there is all it takes to create an eye-catching and thoroughly modern room. 

Banish Clutter

In a modern-style apartment, less is more – and that applies to clutter, too. No matter how gorgeous and contemporary your furniture may be, your apartment will not look modern if it’s cluttered and messy. One of the simplest ways to make your space look great is by embracing the minimalist spirit, discarding the junk that tends to accumulate, and making sure there’s a place for all your belongings. You want that stunning white accent chair or striking full-length mirror to grab your guests’ attention, not a pile of dirty laundry or a dusty stack of old magazines.

Embrace a Minimalist Aesthetic 

Don’t be tempted to fill every inch of your space with modern furniture, art, and trinkets in an attempt to cover up the age of your apartment. Contemporary design embraces minimalism and overcrowding your space can seriously backfire. Shop for your space with restraint, choosing only the bare essentials. Your rooms should feel open, allowing natural light and space to become fixtures in themselves. A carefully curated, minimalist home is functional, sophisticated, and ultra-modern. 

Keep it Neutral 

One of the most important modern apartment decorating ideas is about showing just as much restraint with your color palette as you did with furniture and décor. Stick to an elegant array of light neutrals, like white, gray, and beige. By sticking to a simple color scheme, you can easily make your entire home look cohesive and unified. These soft colors also help in brightening a room, emphasizing the open space and simple lines you’ve created. Of course, pops of color throughout your home are always welcome – just use them sparingly for maximum effect.

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