Help! How Do I Arrange Furniture in an Odd Shaped Room?

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the perfect furniture layout in an oddly shaped room. Sometimes, it’s the way that the doors are placed, the layout of windows or outlets, or the shape of the room itself that makes it difficult to place furniture items — particularly in bedrooms and living rooms. Here are some tips for arranging furniture in odd-shaped rooms, and a few pointers for filling all of those awkward spaces.

Figure out your anchor point.

Before you start picking out your furniture and décor, decide the anchor point of the room. Because an oddly shaped room can look a little unpredictable and chaotic, having a clear focal point is essential. The anchor in your bedroom will typically be your bed. In the living room, the anchor point might be a large, neutral-colored sectional. In some rooms, you might anchor everything in the room together with a large area rug. In short, an anchor point is the big piece that ties – or anchors – everything together. Once you’ve determined a room’s anchor point you can work your way out, selecting other pieces of furniture that work cohesively with the anchor. This is an especially helpful starting point for furnishing odd-shaped rooms, when getting started can be the trickiest part!

Break the room into segments or zones.

Speaking of anchor points… you very well may have more than one! In an oddly shaped room, it’s not uncommon to have several different “segments.” For example, the main area of your living room might be used for watching TV, while the awkward corner in your living room can be turned into a perfect reading nook. With an awkward L-shaped living room layout, you may use one space as a sitting area and the other as a playroom. You may turn your wide-open living space into a living room-dining room combo! Things like floor lamps, rugs, couches, and curtains can all be used to visually divide a room. If you visualize the room as a collection of these different zones, furnishing them becomes much easier. 

Stick to a consistent décor theme and color palette.

By sticking to a furniture style, color, and decorating scheme throughout, you will create unity in a room that might feel disjointed otherwise. This is particularly important if your odd-shaped room has several different segments; color and décor can be used to make sure they still flow together. If your room is asymmetrical, furnishing and decorating it cohesively can downplay the asymmetry. If your room is filled with sharp angles, a flowing, interconnected color scheme can help soften and merge them.

Embrace the measuring tape. 

While you should always be carefully measuring your spaces before investing in any furniture, it has never been more important than when you’re decorating an odd-shaped living room. Nothing will emphasize the oddness of your room’s shape more than a couch that is slightly too small or a bookshelf that juts out a smidge too far. By meticulously measuring every aspect of your room, you can find furniture that fits into your space perfectly, making its atypical shape look like it was, in fact, custom-made for your furniture and your family.

Bring furniture into the center of the room.

There is a very common natural inclination to push furniture against the walls. In an oddly shaped room, dotting furniture along the perimeter only highlights the odd shape. Fight this temptation, and instead pull your furniture away from the walls, keeping your different zones in mind. In an awkward living room layout, this can be key. Pull a sectional to the center of the room, using it to create a natural divider between the TV watching space and the rest of the space. Pull those two armchairs off the wall, angle them toward each other, and voila! You’ve created the perfect place to converse with guests. The urge to dot your furniture along the walls is a strong one, but an oddly shaped room demands something different.

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