A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Relocate to Another State

Relocation is all the craze right now. People are packing up and moving off to greener pastures in search of lower living costs, higher-paying jobs, and better lifestyle fits. As exciting and fun as living in a new state can be, the actual process of relocating isn’t all sunshine and roses. Use this guide to make relocating to another state a bit easier. 

Choose a New State to Call Home

Before relocating, you need to do some research to make sure your new city and state mesh with your lifestyle. While you might be drawn to familiar names like Austin, Nashville, or Phoenix, you need to find a city that offers the opportunities you’re looking for. Whether it’s cheaper living costs, a better job, a vibrant nightlife, cute coffee shops, or tons of outdoor activities, find the right city to meet your needs. 

Find Your New Dream Job

You need a way to pay rent and fund all the fun activities you can do in your new state. If you have a fully remote job, you might be able to keep it when you move — just make sure you run the idea by your supervisor and get permission first. If you aren’t able to keep your current job or don’t have one to begin with, it’s time to hit the digital pavement. Start applying for jobs online, connecting with recruiters in your new state, and attending virtual networking events. Finding a job in another state can take a while, so don’t be afraid to take breaks and don’t get discouraged.

How to Relocate to Another State Without a Job

While it’s usually a good idea to have a job before moving, don’t let that stop you from relocating. Moving out of state without a job lined up might be tricky, but it’s still very doable. One of the most important things you need to do is pad your savings account with enough cash to get you through a few months without income. Then, keep trucking along with your applications and networking. Once you’re considered a local candidate, it can boost your chances of finding a job. You can also look into the gig economy and part-time work until you land your dream role. 

Enlist the Help of a Relocation Company or DIY

Like any move, relocating can be an exciting time but also a period with a lot of stress. If your company is footing the bill for your relocation, there are two ways that this will go:

  • They may cover the cost of a relocation management service that helps you explore every aspect of your move: from choosing the right neighborhood to suggesting the best apartment community to coordinating the furnishing of your new home. 
  • You may receive a lump sum for your move – where you receive a certain amount of money up front to cover all of your potential costs – but you will be responsible for all parts of your move.

If you’ve found yourself with a lump sum or plan on relocating on your own, don’t stress, CORT can help. Reach out today to learn more about CORT Flex Service.

Hunt for the Perfect Apartment or Rental Home

You can’t make your big move without a place to live. Sites like ApartmentSearch make it easy to find leasing opportunities in your new city. You can also check out sites like SpareRoom or Facebook housing groups if you want to find a roomie. Not sure if you’re ready to fully commit to your relocation? No problem! You can do a short-term lease to feel things out before making a bigger commitment.

Figure Out How You’ll Get to Your New State

You’ve got your job lined up and found the perfect apartment. Now it’s time to make the magic of your move happen. Look into what public transportation in your new city is like. If the city has a great network of buses, trains, and subways or you live in a central hub where everything is within walking distance, you could be fine without a car. In this case, you’d want to rent a moving van or hire a moving company to transport your belongings.

If you aren’t moving to a walkable city or public transport leaves a lot to be desired, you’ll want to bring a car along. The good news? You might be able to make the entire move with just your car. This is a great opportunity to cut down on belongings and start fresh. Pack everything you can into your vehicle, starting with the essentials, and get rid of the things you don’t need. Sell bulky items like furniture for some extra moving cash and buy or rent furniture when you reach your destination. 

Furnish and Decorate Your New Digs

Nothing says new start quite like new furniture, and this is your chance to create a space that’s uniquely yours. However, buying brand new furniture can be expensive and shipping delays can prevent you from furnishing your home for weeks — if not months — these days. In fact, furniture shipping delays are at an unprecedented high due to the global pandemic alongside a hot housing market. Delivery delays can be weeks or months, causing people to turn to alternative solutions to furnish their homes, including short-term furniture rental.

When it comes to picking out furniture for your rental package, you can browse for pieces that truly speak to you online or in your local CORT showroom. Whether that’s a minimalist leather couch or an eye-catching bright green accent chair, CORT offers a wide inventory of products and styles to match the aesthetic of your home. After you have the essentials, add soul to your rental property and turn it into a place you can call home and love to spend time in. Add a bit of flair with beautiful wall art, plush rugs, and vibrant plants.

Make the Move Easier with CORT Rental Furniture

Are you ready to relocate? Don’t let bulky furniture bog you down! Enjoy the freedom of owning less with CORT. Whether you’re giving your new state a trial run or simply don’t want the burden of ownership, you can browse our stylish, durable rental furniture packages. We’ll deliver your furniture and accessories before you move in and take everything away when you decide it’s time to move out so you can enjoy a simple, stress-free moving process. Shop online or visit your local CORT showroom


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