How To Add Soul To Your Rental Property

Written by: Maggie Gacy

There are a lot of reasons why someone wants to purchase a home and in their search for houses, there are two things involved – you can either buy a house or rent one. In most cases, people want to rent a house because of the stress involved.

As a homeowner, you know that houses – both for sale and for rent – are in high demand. If you’re hoping to draw attention to your property and attract new tenants, here are 5 ways to make your rental home stand out in this competitive market.

Rearrange Your Furniture

When hoping to attract new tenants, don’t be afraid to shake up your existing design. Since you’re not going to be renting the house to yourself, there is a very high possibility that your future renter might want to arrange things differently.

Consider changing the location for some of the furniture in the home like a bedroom dresser in the living room or adding Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets to the kitchen for additional storage.

If you need to take your furniture with you, consider offering a furnished home to your renter with options from CORT Furniture Rental. CORT offers affordable move-in-ready packages for every room in the home. This cost could be included in rent each month.

Buy New Hardware

One thing that can discourage a person from renting a house is the presence of items that no longer serve a purpose. From the bathroom to the kitchen, the HVAC system, and other things in the house, make sure to remove older or out-of-service items that will make renters overlook your property. Little changes like updated showerheads in the bathroom, newer cabinets in the kitchen, and doorknobs around the house go a long way. This will make the house look modern and attractive to people looking for a house to rent.


When you successfully rent your house, it is very likely that your tenants will repaint the house to a color that they prefer. But before getting there,  make sure that the walls are ready for the tenant by repairing any damage and removing all dirt. If you plan on asking your renters to not paint the walls, consider choosing light and easy colors like blues, greens, or beige that blend well with most furniture pieces and will make the house look beautiful and positively affect the mood of your prospective tenant.

Arts and Plants

After painting your walls, you can bring extra beauty to the house by adding pieces of art to the wall. It makes the walls look adorable and will attract anyone who wants to rent a house. You can also make use of plants to brighten up the house. Put plants in places like windows and make sure that you take care of them. Plants help to bring life to any space.

Change The Rug

If your house has its flooring exposed, that can make it unappealing to certain people who looking to rent. Consider adding new or second-hand rugs around the home to bring warmth to the house and help you conceal the flooring.

With these small changes, you switch up your house from being the place where no tenant wants to visit into a hot item on the rental market.