How to Color Your Home in 2021

Like all home decor trends, colors fall in and out of favor. But unlike many other home decor trends, the colors you want to surround yourself with may reflect — or affect — your mood. For example, warm colors, like red and yellow, generally make you happy, while cool colors, like green and blue, are soothing. 

And after the catastrophe that was 2020, we’re all in search of whatever it takes to make us happy and calm. We’re also in search of ways to improve our living spaces. After staying at home so much, many people have taken advantage of their time by redecorating, remodeling, and making improvements. 

Maybe you’re tired of staring at the same old paint on the wall and you want something new. Maybe you want something that suits your mood. Maybe you saw a picture of a room in a magazine or on a home improvement show that caught your eye. Whatever the reason, the best place to start when revamping your space is with a new color scheme. Let’s look at some of the hottest trends of 2021. 

All the Blues 

Looking for a new color that can lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress level and help you sleep? Try blue. It’s making a comeback in a big way this year, especially darker, bolder shades for walls. 

The color of the sky and sea, blue is calming, something we need after a stressful year. That’s why more people are going bold in 2021 and painting their homes in shades ranging from pastels like sky blue to dark shades like navy, particularly in the bedroom where they want to create a soothing sanctuary. If you prefer to play it safe, keep your neutral wall colors but add pops of blue in the form of accents, like throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and armchairs. 

Earthy Tones 

Blue may be the color of the sky and the sea, but it’s only one way to bring the outdoors inside. Earthy tones, like what you’d find in mid-century modern design, can help do that too, as they emulate the shades found in soil, moss, trees, and rocks. Since we haven’t been able to travel much or even spend time outdoors in some cases, changing the colors inside your home will be the best way to bring nature to you. 

Soothing muted earthy tones will take the place of neutrals in 2021. Look for rich browns to be most widespread. They may even overtake grey as the most popular color in home decor this year. Grey has, after all, run its course. Along with shades of brown, some of the hottest colors are camel, burnt orange, chocolate, rust, terra cotta, cypress, seafoam, and moss green. You’ll want to use them on walls and trim, as well as your upholstery.   

Bright Happy Yellows   

Yellow used to be one of the most despised colors in home decor, but look for that to change in 2021. Yellow is a happy, contemporary, color, the color of sunshine, and we all need happiness and sunshine right now. The goal is to find the right shade — one that is cheery, not cheesy. Popular options include saffron, ochre, mustard, and pastel yellow. Pale yellow will become a new neutral. 

But, let’s face it, yellow on its own can be a tad overwhelming. If you’re having trouble giving up your grey, you’ll see that many people are adding yellow to form what should be one of the hottest color combinations of the year. If grey isn’t your thing, yellow also pairs nicely with most shades of blue. 

Instead of painting your walls yellow, look for wallpaper that incorporates muted shades of this cheerful color. And keep in mind that yellow works well with vintage styles and antique furniture. 

Jewel Tones 

Say goodbye to white and grey, and say hello to eye-catching jewel tones in 2021. Think ruby, sapphire, citrine, and emerald green. Jewel tones are warm, vivid, and vibrant, and compared to the last few years, they represent the desire to start over and do something new.   

The great thing about jewel tones is that you can use them in any way you like. They’ll make great paint colors for your walls and even the outside of your home, but if you’re not quite brave enough to make a big change, you can start slowly with accents. However, you use them, just make sure they’re the first thing a person notices when they walk into the room. 

Millennial Pink-ish 

If you’ve paid attention to home decor over the last few years, you’re familiar with the trend called “Millennial Pink.” It’s a shade of blush that’s popular with that generation, and while many experts thought it was going away, it’s coming back with a vengeance. Why? Nostalgia. The color reminds Millennials, especially women, of their childhoods, when things were happier. There were no pandemics, no recessions, no social unrest, no mounting debt … 

Look for this blush color to expand into other shades of pink and beige, ranging from pastels to brighter colors. Millennial Pink pairs well with metallics, another color trend that is on the horizon. 

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