Your Guide to Japandi Interior Design

Japandi is one of the latest decor trends to appear in recent memory. You may have heard of this trend, but what exactly is Japandi style? 

Japandi is a combination of modern Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles. This style embraces minimalist design principles and infuses warmth into living spaces by including natural elements and neutral color palettes. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to decorate your whole home, room by room, with Japandi style.

Japandi living room design

Japandi design incorporates natural materials and features clean lines to create a zen-like feeling in any space. To create calm and tranquility in the living room with a Japandi twist, focus on simplicity. 

Choose a neutral color palette for your sofa and any accompanying accent chairs — think cozy whites, subtle pinks, or soothing earth tones.

 When it comes to your coffee table and side tables, light wood is an excellent option to fuse a Scandinavian feel with Japanese designs.

 Floor lamps are a wonderful choice to light the space, as they provide plenty of illumination while keeping surfaces clear for a clean, minimalist look. As for decor, if you want to include a statement piece choose just one or two. 

Japandi bedroom design

To create a Japandi-inspired bedroom, start with a minimalist mindset. Focus on including functional pieces rather than items used purely for decoration. Clear any clutter and furniture pieces that don’t serve a specific purpose. 

Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll notice that you likely have more open space in your bedroom — this is a hallmark of Japandi design. Now that you’re down to the basics, organize the pieces that remain to create clean, open lines. 

Finally, decorate — but sparingly. Choose neutral colors for your walls and bedclothes. And if you need new furniture pieces, choose items made from natural materials like wood or bamboo. To carry through the natural feel, you might also think about adding in a potted plant or two, but you don’t want to go overboard. A single fiddle leaf fig or a large palm help add color and texture without overwhelming the space.

Japandi dining room design

To combine the minimalism of Japanese homes with the simplicity of Scandinavian interiors in the dining room, again, keep it simple. When choosing your dining table and chairs, opt for pieces made of natural materials. Light-colored wood is an excellent way to visually reference the Scandinavian influence, while clean lines create a calm atmosphere at family dinners. 

Avoid chairs and tables with cabriole legs or hutches with ornate wood carvings. Instead choose pieces with simple, sleek lines that reinforce the sense of simplicity you’re aiming for. These will help create a clear visual flow in your space.

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