How to Create a Boho Scandinavian Bedroom

Imagine the relaxing feeling of spending time in your boho Scandinavian bedroom — a place of stylish simplicity and comfort. It can be easy to envision, but how do you make a haven like this in your own home? If you’re ready to incorporate a few new design elements into your everyday life, we’re ready to help you make your bedroom goals a reality!

6 Ways to Create a Boho Scandinavian Bedroom

While Scandinavian interior design embraces the minimalist, ‘less is more’ mentality, maximalism (like what’s typically seen in bohemian decor) isn’t afraid to utilize space boldly. So then, what happens when minimalism and maximalism come together under one roof? They create an eclectic design trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

We’ve made a list of six of the best ways to create a boho Scandinavian bedroom of your very own, so you can make the most out of both of these styles and truly love the space you’re in.

1. Opt for neutral walls

One of the premier features of Scandinavian design is its use of a neutral color palette. When you’re thinking about transforming your bedroom, one thing to consider is how your wall color contributes to the overall aesthetic. To keep in line with a Scandinavian look, ideally, the walls would be a soft earth tone or a nice shade of white.

It’s possible your current color already falls into one of these categories, but if not (and if you’re able to paint your room), this is a great way to brighten everything up. Painting is an affordable option that can make a significant impact — just make sure to clear the room and wear appropriate clothing to avoid as much mess as possible!

2. Use CORT furniture as a foundation

Creating the minimalist boho bedroom of your dreams can be super simple, so long as you find quality furniture pieces to anchor the room. Scandinavian furniture is all about natural materials and clean lines, which add simplicity and calm to any space. And the best part is, CORT has a great selection of furniture that fits this description (and your budget)!

CORT’s Hendrick collection is full of beautiful pieces that would really shine in your updated bedroom, even if you have a small space to work with. This selection of dressers and tables are as functional as they are attractive and are sure to take your room from so-so to so good.

3. Bring in some fun accents

As we mentioned above, bohemian decor errs on the maximalist side of things, which often looks like lively patterns and bright color choices. One of the easiest ways to merge this boho philosophy with your Scandinavian details is to bring in some fun accents or accessories.

For example, patterned pillows or a chunky throw blanket can add a bit of boho flair and spice up an otherwise neutral landscape. And since both design styles make use of wood, jute, and wicker materials, look for items like decorative baskets or wall hangings that’ll incorporate these textures into your space.

Lastly, layered rugs are another great ‘meet-in-the-middle’ option for fusing Scandinavian and bohemian decor. To do this, lay a neutral rug (like woven jute) down first, and then place a colorful companion on top. This modern approach lets you seamlessly blend both styles and gives your room a unique look compared to choosing a standard area rug.

4. Add in (tons of) plants

Plants are an essential part of the boho vibe, and yet they’re also a natural element that complements your entire vision. What’s more, you can use wicker or jute baskets as your planters for a true win-win design choice.

If you’re worried about the likelihood of keeping your plants alive, fear not! There are countless varieties — like snake plants and philodendrons — that are super low-maintenance but look amazing. And if you’re still not convinced, you can always go with artificial plants, many of which look just as good as the real thing (but without the watering schedule).

5. Create a gallery wall

You already know traditional Scandinavian walls are usually painted white or another neutral shade. But with that said, your bedroom will also be boho-inspired, which means the walls shouldn’t stay completely bare. Designing a gallery wall is a fantastic opportunity to express your personality and make the space distinctly yours.

There are many ways to implement this suggestion, whether you want to pick out framed artwork or include a few personal photos in the mix. It’s totally up to you how you arrange each piece or what mood you create, so be sure to have fun with it!

6. Let the light in

A minimalist boho bedroom wouldn’t be complete without the use of natural light. To make your room as bright and welcoming as you can, you’ll want to let the windows show and let the light pour in; or, if you’d prefer to have some type of window treatment, sheer or mostly white curtains will still allow a lot of sunlight to reach your space. (As a bonus, all that light will give a significant boost to your plants’ life, too!)

Also, try using warm light for all of the lamps or lighting fixtures in your bedroom. Warm tones give off a cozy feeling that’ll fit right in with the rest of your boho Scandinavian look.

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