Millennial Travel: Money Saving Tips for Fun Summertime Getaways

When you’ve slaved away at college all year, it’s not surprising that you want to enjoy your summer with some traveling. Unfortunately, vacations cost money, and you might not have as much as you think you need. Thankfully, a lack of funds doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put off your wanderlust. Following a few of these tips and tricks can help you keep your costs down as you enjoy a fun-filled summer vacation.

Take to the Road (Not the Air)

The idea of jet-setting across the globe always sounds wonderful, but airfare is pretty pricey. For a cost-saving alternative, travel by car instead. There’s plenty to do and see along the open road, and when you take a road trip, you get to see so much throughout the journey before even reaching your destination. A road trip is one of the best ways to make memories, especially if you’re traveling with friends and loved ones.

Eat Smarter

Grabbing convenience store snacks every time you fuel up or stopping for fast food for every meal can really add up. Instead of eating out, pack a cooler full of water, snacks, and sandwiches to keep your body energized and your wallet fuller. When you reach your destination, stock up at the grocery store, and then make a few simple meals yourself to further reduce your eating expenses.

Skip the Hotels

A hotel is generally the most expensive option when it comes to all the vacation lodging options out there. For a budget-friendly alternative, look for campgrounds along your route and at your final destination. If you prefer something a little more comfortable, then you can save money by renting a house or room through a service like Airbnb.

Embrace Technology

You enjoy using your smartphone, so why not let it help you save money? Before you head out, download some money-saving apps to help you score deals on your trip. Try Groupon for discounts on food and activities, GasBuddy for finding the best fuel prices along your route, and Trail Wallet to keep your daily budget in check.

Carry Your Student ID

You might be surprised by how many discounts you can score just because you’re a student. Many attractions like museums, stores, and even some restaurants give you a discount if you show your ID.

Don’t Go It Alone

Traveling with friends and splitting the expenses can make these cost-cutting ideas even cheaper. Plus, if you’re a budget-conscious millennial traveler, then sharing the experience with friends is one of the best ways to see the world while making memories.

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