10 Apartment Amenities You Need as a Renter

With skyrocketing rent prices, you want to get the most bang for your buck when searching for a new apartment. While floor plan and location are the most important factors to consider, you also want to weigh the amenities your potential new apartment community offers. Great apartment amenities (think summer days spent poolside) can make or break your experience, so keep an eye out for these top ten amenities.

1. Clean Pool

Pools can be one of the best apartment amenities, but they can also easily be the worst. A pool won’t mean much if you’re never actually going to use it. On the tour, get a good look at the pool to make sure it’s clean and well maintained. And don’t forget to check out the overall pool area. Is there plenty of space? Are there nice loungers for you to use? Does the complex have a cabana or other social area near the pool for hosting guests?

2. Complete Fitness Center

Just like pools, many apartments offer fitness centers but they can vary greatly in quality. You’ll likely find pictures on the complex’s website that can give you a good idea of what equipment and machines are available. Still, you don’t know how old the pictures are or if the angles are making the space look bigger than it is. Ask to stop by the gym on your tour so you can be certain they have the equipment you need for your workouts. Paying a bit more in rent might be worth it if you get a better fitness center and don’t have to purchase a separate gym membership.

3. Business Center

Remote work continues to be popular, and apartments with home office space are in demand. While it’s possible to make your own home office in a small apartment, you should try to find an apartment with a business center or coworking space. If your internet goes out or you need to book a meeting room, you’ll have a space readily available. Plus, many apartment business centers offer free printing, which is super helpful if you don’t have your own printer and need hardcopies or wet ink signatures for paperwork.

4. Secure Package Room

Package deliveries to apartments can get hairy without a designated mailroom. If you’re not home during the day or go on a trip, you don’t want your package to sit unguarded at your doorstep. Try to find an apartment complex with a secure package room or package lockers.

5. Pet Amenities

Your furry friend deserves to enjoy your apartment just as much as you do. Pet-friendly apartments are becoming more popular, but you want a community that comes with a few pet perks, too. Look for an apartment that has dog parks for your pup to run around and make friends and dog washing stations so your pooch can always look and smell their best. 

6. On-Site Laundry

Laundry day is enough of a hassle without having to haul your clothes to the nearest laundromat. Make your weekly chores easier by scoping out the laundry situation. Some apartments won’t have any laundry amenities, while others might have a communal facility similar to your standard laundromat. However, many apartments feature the ventilation and plumbing setup required for installing laundry machines, and you just have to supply the washer and dryer. Renting laundry appliances is always a great choice if you’re not ready to purchase your own machines.

7. Barbecue and Recreational Areas

Most apartments ban gas and charcoal grills, even if you have a patio or yard. If summer barbecues and potluck parties are important to you, look for an apartment that has a communal barbecue pit so you can get your grill on. And while you’re at it, look for other recreational areas like a lounge, billiards room, or picnic area. You want to have plenty to do when you invite your friends over for a visit. 

8. Plenty of Parking

Parking might seem like a universal amenity, but you’d be surprised by how many communities don’t offer it. If you rely heavily on a car and don’t want to worry about parking half a mile away, look for apartments that include parking. Parking is also important if you plan to have friends or family over for a visit. Depending on your preferences, you may want an apartment that offers covered spots and even garages for an extra monthly fee. Covered spots will help keep your car clean and garages can double as extra storage space. 

9. Smart Technology

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up the convenience of smart home technology. Smart thermostats can make it easy to control the climate in your apartment whenever you’re not home, which can help you save energy consumption and make your home more comfortable when you return. Smart locks are also great because you don’t have to worry about carrying around and losing your key. Plus, most smart locks let you give access to others, making it a breeze to have friends come apartment or pet sit when you’re out of town.  

10. Furniture

When you live a busy life, the ultimate amenity is Furniture-as-an-Amenity. However, it can be difficult to find an existing fully furnished apartment that suits your needs, budget, and — last but certainly not least — style. With furniture rental from CORT, you can turn any apartment into a furnished apartment.

With CORT, you and your apartment rental company can stress less: we handle the troublesome aspects of furniture and decor ownership and moving your rented furniture and decor so that you don’t have to. 

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