Creative Design: Small Office Space Ideas for Big Efficiency

For some people, a home office is a must-have, but when square footage is limited, productivity can suffer. Thankfully, a few design tips — and a little creativity — can help. Soon enough, you’ll forget how small your room was in the first place, and your small office space will be your favorite corner of your home. Consider these functional and efficient small office space ideas for your next project.

Think Vertically

When you’re dealing with a cramped workspace, take advantage of vertical storage with tall bookcases, floating shelves, and hanging baskets. Make use of a corner desk, and maximize space by adding shelving on top or file cabinets underneath.

To stay organized, cover one wall or part of a wall near your desk with corkboard or pegboard to hold a calendar and important notes, reminders, and inspirations. You can also make more space in your home office by trading a file cabinet for vertical file holders mounted on the wall above your desk.

Get Stylish with Storage

For handy, portable storage that you can move in, out, and around your home office, purchase a bar cart to hold office supplies and other necessities. Not only does it look chic, but you can easily wheel it around as you need within your space. If you don’t like the look of the cart when you’re not working, try tucking it into a corner of a nearby closet.

Hidden Necessities

One of the latest trends in home décor is using a pocket door. This sliding door saves space, allowing you to furnish the room without having to worry about whether it will hit your desk or chair when it swings open. For added fun, paint the door a bright color  to keep the space lively.

If your small office space is part of a larger room in your house, then use hidden storage to keep any clutter at bay. For example, use a cabinet you already have in your space, or get one that goes well in the room and use it to store your office printer, filing drawers, and other items.

For the ultimate in hidden storage, place all your work-related items inside an office storage cabinet. (There are many compact versions on the market.) Fold up your desk, roll in your drawers, and then close the doors to the cabinet. Once done, all you’ll see is a stylish piece of furniture. This is a great option if you have trouble separating work from home life. Once that cabinet is closed, it stays closed until your next work session.

Deciding on Your Desk

The focal point of your small office space is your desk. If you intend to use it for meetings with clients, then having a two-sided L-shaped desk is your best bet. Not only will it allow you to have two workspaces — one for your computer and one for conversations — but if your room is large enough, it’s the best use of your space. Install shelves on the side against the wall for extra vertical storage.

Another popular option are murphy desks, sometimes called fold-out desks. They’re the perfect solution when you need to fit a desk into a tight space. Because they fold up against the wall, you get your room space back whenever you need it.

A final option is a floating desk. You may be surprised when you realize how much larger a space feels when the desk isn’t on the floor. Floating desks are known for their simplicity, which allows for an open and airy feel. And when it comes to what you sit on, skip the super-plush, heavy-duty leather office chair. Streamlined and comfortable is all you need when you’re searching for an office chair for a small space.

Make It Feel Bigger

To make your small home office feel larger, choose light paint colors and furnishings. And speaking of furnishings, whenever possible, purchase smaller items that serve multiple functions. A common mistake is to buy bigger furniture than the room can hold, as this actually makes the room look and feel even smaller (and more cluttered) than it is.

Another trick to try: mirrors. Shelves add dimension, but mirrors provide the illusion of space that you need. The larger the mirror you hang, the bigger the room appears to be.

And finally, the less you have in your small office space, the better. It’s easy to collect things, but the moment you have too much in your office, the more cramped you feel and the less you want to be there.

With a little creativity, you can transform your work area from dull to delightful. For all of your home office needs, from desks to bookcases, consider CORT Furniture Rental.

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