5 Layout Ideas for Living Room and Bedroom Combos

There is nothing better than coming home to a delightfully cozy home. That said, when you live in a small space, you might not exactly have any square footage to spare.

If your living room is inside your bedroom (or your bedroom is inside your living room?), you may need to be a bit strategic when setting up your space. Here are a few creative layout ideas for living room and bedroom combos and some tried and true tips for making the most of your limited space.

Use a room divider, shelving unit, or curtain to break up the space.

It can feel a little weird to have guests gathered around your unmade bed when you have your bedroom and living room combined. Create a little privacy around your sleeping space and break the space into two distinct segments by using a room divider, a tall shelf, or even suspending a curtain or tapestry from the ceiling. Different pieces of home décor, like tall houseplants or standing floor lights, can also be used to create a barrier. If you’re super handy, you can even consider installing sliding doors. These things act as a faux wall, giving your “bedroom” a tucked-away feel and creating a boundary between your private sleeping space and your living area. 

Consider lofting your bed.

Most of the best bedroom and living room in one space ideas involve maximizing how much room you can productively use. Beds can take up a whole lot of precious floor space – a precious commodity when you’re setting up a bedroom and living room in one small space. With a loft bed, you give yourself a bit of extra room that you can use in a variety of ways. Raise your bed high, and you’ve suddenly got a cozy office nook for your desk and chair. Raise it just a couple of inches, and you’ve got extra storage space that will come in handy for keeping your space organized and tidy. Either way, lofting your bed is a relatively simple way to give yourself some usable square footage!

Create separate segments in the room with area rugs.

One easy way to delineate between your living room and bedroom is by placing area rugs. While they don’t provide the privacy that room dividers do, rugs serve a similar purpose: creating visual boundaries between the two distinct spaces. For example, placing a large, rectangular rug underneath your bed and another large square rug underneath your couch and coffee table creates lines around your bedroom and your living space, giving the hybrid room more structure. A colorful rug can be a focal point, anchoring the furniture to its half of the room.

Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes. 

One of the most helpful living room and bedroom combo ideas is “double duty” furniture. When you’re furnishing a two-in-one room, you want to get the most bang for your buck with every piece of furniture in there! A large bookshelf can serve as both a storage solution and a room divider. A dresser can also act as a television stand in a small living room. Coffee tables can be both conversation spaces for guests and workspaces when you’re solo. Storage beds can help you maximize your bedroom’s footprint.  In short, the more purposes a piece of furniture can serve, the fewer pieces you need! 

Consult with an expert!

Designing and furnishing a room is no easy feat, and it’s even harder when you’re arranging two rooms in one! Book a consultation with one of CORT’s experienced professionals who can help you configure your space efficiently. We’ve been in business for 50 years – and provided furniture rentals for thousands of apartments – so we’ll have a few ideas for you!

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