Room Divider Ideas for Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are an excellent option for renters wanting to live large on a small budget – hence the term “efficiency apartments!” However, you may not be a fan of having your bed, kitchen, and dinner table crammed into a single room. Luckily, you can get the savings of a studio and the look of a multi-bedroom place by putting these room divider ideas for studio apartments to use.


Not only are bookshelves functional storage units, but they’re also an easy way to create divisions in a studio apartment. Rather than pushing your shelving units up against the wall, jut them out into your space like a pseudo-wall. This is a great way to separate your “bedroom” from your living space, and you’ll have all your bedtime reading handy!

Room Dividers

What better way to divide a studio apartment into rooms than with an aptly named room divider? Use a divider like the Reed Screen or Confetti Screen to partition off areas of your studio while simultaneously being a decorative focal point. The fun cutouts in the dividers allow light through, which helps keep things from feeling cluttered or crowded in your small space.


Plants inject a pop of color and life into your space, and they can also serve as a unique border between “rooms” in a studio apartment. And don’t worry… you don’t need a green thumb to make your space feel like a greenhouse. Purchase a few faux plants, like this 6-foot palm tree or fiddle leaf fig tree, to get the same effect without the work.

Clothing Racks

Studio apartments don’t often come with large closets, so clothing racks can serve double duty as extra storage spaces and room dividers. You can color-code your clothing to make the rack look a bit neater, and adding things like hats and colorful scarves can make it look like a piece of art!


Rugs are a more subtle way to divide your studio into separate rooms. For example, lay a large rug underneath your bed, like this gray 8’ by 11’ Kenora Area Rug, to demarcate your sleeping space. Then, use another one in a contrasting color to mark your living room space, like this teal and lime green patterned Aloft Area Rug. By using rugs in various colors and shapes, you can easily create visual borders between the different sections of your studio apartment.

Entertainment Centers or Dressers

Space is a precious commodity in a studio apartment, so it’s wise to divide rooms with functional pieces of furniture whenever possible. Try placing your entertainment center at the foot of your bed, with your TV facing toward a small seating area. Placing a long dresser at the side of your bed frame can create a cozy bed nook that feels separate from the rest of your studio. Of course, there are countless studio apartment layout ideas, so get creative with your furniture!

Curtains or Drapes

One of the most effective ways to create separate rooms in a studio apartment is by hanging curtains. There are a few different ways you can do this, from stringing them along a high-tension wire to mounting curtain tracks on your ceiling. Sheer curtains work particularly well because they act as room dividers while allowing light through, ensuring things don’t feel claustrophobic!

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