Avant Basic: A Danish-Inspired Aesthetic

From Instagram to TikTok, Avant Basic — also known as Danish Pastel —  is a popular design trend sweeping social media. But what is Avant Basic, and how can you incorporate this trendy style into your interior design? 

Read on to learn more about the design trend that’s overtaking your timeline and how you can achieve the look yourself. 

What is Avant Basic?

Much like Maximalism, Avant Basic design encourages adherents to boldly express their style and reject the stripped-back style of Minimalism. Avant Basic and Maximalism both require that you embrace creativity and kitsch. 

Unlike Maximalism, Avant Basic design is more rigid in terms of aesthetics. The style is clearly defined and is often immediately recognizable. Avant basic boldly toes the line between clean, danish-inspired lines and groovy-chic 60’s inspired flavor. The result is retro-inspired and gives off a carefree, summery vibe. 

How to Cultivate an Avant Basic Aesthetic 

Ready to dabble in Avant Basic interior design? Follow these tips and you’ll be set up for success.


CORT couch avant basic couch neutral color modern couch

A Contrasting Mixture of Clean and Curved Lines

Curved and swirling motifs paired with mid-century modern inspired pieces help create visual appeal without overwhelming your home — or your senses. 

To strike the right balance in your home, intermix Nordic Scandinavian-inspired pieces with organic elements — like rounded mirrors, rounded headboards, rounded dining chairs, or even circular patterning. 

A Pastel Palette  

Color is back. You can expect to see a mix of pastel hues adorning an Avant Basic space. Use light blues, pinks, oranges, and greens to capture the groovy aesthetics of the 1960s. Lighter neutral tones can help anchor your space while maintaining a light and bright feel. 

To incorporate Avant Basic color into your home, start small with decor items like area rugs, artwork, throw pillows, and duvet covers. From there, consider opting for colorful accent pieces — like a chair or coffee table — and choosing white, light cream, and light-toned woods for larger pieces like bookshelves or sofas.


avant basic psychadelic colorful rug

Pops of Psychedelic Pattern

Avant Basic patterns lean retro-psychedelic and can range from organic swirls to bold checkering to abstract florals. Get inspired by 1960s fashion and interior design styling. Mixing and matching patterns throughout the room helps create a whimsical feel. 

You can distribute patterns throughout your home through textiles — think rugs, comforters, curtains, throw pillows, artwork, or even a feature wall. Try your hand at DIYing a feature wall or opt for patterned Danish pastel wallpaper. 

In addition to pattern, consider playing around with texture. For example, pair up plush shag rugs with sharp metallic decor pieces to create contrast.

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