Floor Decor: How to Pick and Style a Rug

Maybe you’re tired of waking up and putting your feet on freezing wood floors. Perhaps you feel like your living room needs a splash of color. Or your beloved puppy is doing a number on your beautiful flooring. No matter the reason, you need a rug.


Adding a rug to your space can brighten it, protect your floors, and more. But how do you choose one? And what size do you need? This guide will help you easily select the rug that fits your needs and space!


Why Do I Need a Rug?


Rugs have many different use cases and are a quiet household hero. Some of the reasons you might want to invest in a rug for your home include:


  1. Protect your floors from wear and tear, pet paws and claws, and messes from little ones.
  2. Add warmth and soundproofing to your home – your downstairs neighbors will thank you!
  3. Personalize your home without painting or redecorating.
  4. Make your space more cohesive and cozier.


How Do I Choose a Rug?


Picking a rug for your home might seem simple, but there are a few basic rules. Here are the critical factors to consider when choosing the right rug for your space.


Determine size.


The size of an area rug for a room, of course, depends on the size of the room and its furniture. For example, if you’re wondering what size rug for a living room, a 9’ x 12’ rug may be needed for a large space. A 6’ x 9’ rug may fit well if you live in a small studio. Measure your room and furniture carefully – a roll of painter’s tape can help visualize a rug in your space.


Living room


Generally speaking, if you want to center a piece of furniture on top of a rug, you want at least 8 inches of rug sticking out from under the furniture. If you don’t want full coverage in the room, the rug should be large enough for the front legs of each piece of furniture, including the sofa, to sit on.




Bedroom rug placement and size can be tricky. It’s important to consider whether you want the bed and bedside tables to be entirely on the rug. If you decide to center the rug under your bed, make sure at least 8 inches of rug sticks out from under each piece of furniture. 


If you don’t want an enormous rug under your entire bed, consider more creative bedroom rug ideas like placing a rug under the bottom (foot) third of the bed. You still want it to stick out at least 8 inches. Otherwise, it will look like a tiny doormat!


Dining room


Much like other rooms of the house, your dining room rug should be at least 8 inches bigger than the furniture on top of it. But don’t just measure your table! There should be enough room for every chair to be pulled out comfortably while still on the rug.


Pick a rug shape.


If you thought there were a lot of rug sizes to pick from, wait till you see rug shapes. The most common shapes are square, rectangular, round, and runner-style.


When you should use a rectangular or square rug


Rectangular and square rugs are two of the most common styles of rug. They’re perfect for full coverage in high-traffic areas, including your dining room or even your home office. Choose a rectangular rug for your living room or bedroom if you need to cover more of the floor.


When to use a round rug in your home


Round rugs are more of a statement piece than rectangular rugs. Round rugs are perfect for rooms like the living room, especially if you have a round coffee table. They’re also preferred for rooms where you want to show off your floors while still adding some protection. Round rugs are great for layering or adding multiple smaller rugs to a room for a funky, creative look.


When to use a runner.


Runners, which are long, skinny, oval, or rectangular rugs, work well for slender areas. Runners are excellent for hallways, kitchens, and other narrow spaces.


What type of rug should I buy?


  • Cotton: These rugs are easy to clean and are less expensive than other styles. Cotton rugs are often machine washable and come in countless colors. Cotton rugs can be seasonal or stay in the room year-round.


  • Wool: These rugs are durable, soft, and hold up well in high-traffic areas. Wool is a traditional rug material used worldwide and can come in many different styles.


  • Synthetic: Rugs made of synthetic materials like polyester come in many different colors, styles, and sizes. They tend to be machine washable and are often made to give an expensive look at a lower price point.


  • Silk: If you’ve ever heard of a costly antique “Persian rug,” it was likely a silk rug. Silk is durable, beautiful, and has been used for centuries. Silk rugs are often ornamental and can be investment pieces. It’s important to note that silk rugs typically require professional cleaning.


  • Natural: Rugs made of material like jute or seagrass can add a natural look to your home. These rugs are less soft and comfortable than others and do well in rooms like the kitchen.


Do I Need a Rug Pad?


If you’re wondering what kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors, the answer is any kind, as long as you use a rug pad! But what’s a rug pad? It’s a piece of felt or rubber that goes underneath your rug, between the rug and the floor.


Rug pads have two purposes: they keep your rug in place and protect your floor. Some rugs may already have a rough rubber backing, but that can dull or damage hardwood floors. Rug pads are also crucial if your rug is going on the carpet, as it reduces the amount of damaging friction between the rug and carpet.

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