Unique Ways to Make Your Fall Cozy with Rugs

The right rug can be the perfect addition to almost any room in the house. Rugs aren’t just a practical accessory; they’re a stylish way to instantly add personality to a space. They’re so versatile they aren’t limited to the floor, much less the living room. Use them on walls and headboards and in numerous other creative ways.

Rugs come in different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. With some creative thinking and a few expert tips, you can come up with some exciting ways to add warmth and coziness to your home with rugs.

Get Cozy With Rugs

Benefits of Using Rugs

A rug can add just the right touch of style to a room, especially one where it feels as if something is missing. It anchors the room, making the area feel cozy and more intimate. A rug can also define a space, making a fireplace area more romantic, a reading nook cozy, and a craft space bold and colorful. Rugs aren’t just for bare floors; layer them over carpeting to add more warmth and seasonal color to a room.

As the temperature drops outside, floors get colder, especially hard floors. Placing thick rugs around your home helps the rooms feel warmer. “They feel really good under your feet,” says Debra Duneier, a New York City interior designer and owner of EcoChi.

Noise also reverberates more in a house with hard floors. Thicker fall rugs can help insulate against the din, reducing sound volume and echoes in larger rooms. “They’re great to use in an apartment or attached townhouse because they absorb sound,” says Duneier.

Rugs are also a practical and relatively inexpensive method of lowering decibels between interior walls in a shared space. Hang them on common walls as an attractive way to keep the peace between you and your roommates or family members.

Different Rooms Mean Different Rugs

You can use rugs almost anywhere in the house, but you probably wouldn’t want to put a rug designed for the bathroom in your living room. Think about where you want to put a rug and the best type of rug for the job.

“Rugs for wet spaces will be different than those for dry spaces,” explains Duneier. “Those used in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways need to be kept clean and aired out, or they may grow mold or mildew,” she continues. That can affect air quality and exacerbate respiratory issues or allergies. “Get racks to hang them to dry and air out.”

All rugs should have slip-proof backing, but rugs used in wet areas should have backing specifically made for use in wet spaces. “They can be beautiful and don’t have to be lower quality for wet spaces,” Duneier says, “but make sure they’re safe for the space where you plan to use them,” she adds.

Even in dry spaces, choose high-quality rugs you can keep clean. Built up dust collecting in rugs on floors and walls could aggravate sensitivities and allergies. “If you hang your rugs in rooms with high ceilings, make sure you can safely reach the whole rug to clean it properly,” Duneier says.

Also, make sure the material composition of the rugs is free of toxins. “It’s most important to be sure they’re healthy for you and your family,” states Duneier, who specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Consider Color, Pattern, Texture, Shape, and Size

Before buying, think about the colors in your space, and decide which fall hues work best with your current walls, furnishings, and accessories. Also, think about rug patterns that complement the room to create harmony, especially if other decorative designs exist in the space. Create variety in mostly neutral rooms with colorful fall patterns in reds, oranges, and golds. Use neutral autumn solid colors like browns, rusts, and even mossy greens to tone down eclectic spaces. If you have kids or pets, remember that patterns hide stains better than solid colors.

Size is another essential consideration. You don’t want to add an area rug that’s too small for the area, but you do want to leave about 4 inches to 8 inches of bare space around the rug’s edges. You also don’t have to use standard small rugs for bathrooms; you can choose a different size as long as it works in a wet space. Rugs don’t have to be round or square, either. Use an octagonal rug under a round table in your dining area to really set it apart from a larger great room.

Choosing the right texture defines your experience with a rug. Decide if you like the feel of tight wool, thicker pile, or shag under your feet. Just remember that thicker rugs are hiding places for items like candy, cereal, and pet food, so clean them regularly.

If you want to hang some rugs, carefully determine which textures work best on different walls. If you hang a rug in place of a headboard, you don’t want a style that constantly sheds fibers as you sleep.

When you purchase racks to dry or hang rugs for storage, you can use those racks as a design component. Hang rugs on racks that have complementary colors, textures, and patterns, and it will look like a piece of art. Be sure to avoid placing any rugs you hang in direct sunlight, as they could fade.

The fall season is a great time to make some cozy design changes, and CORT Furniture Rental is always ready to help with all your redecorating needs. Choose from individual pieces and accessories or full rooms of furniture and décor.