Furnishing the Future: The Evolution of Workspaces

In an ever-evolving world where flexibility and adaptability are paramount, the modern workplace is not just an office anymore. It’s an experience, a dynamic environment that seamlessly caters to the diverse needs of employees from different generations and backgrounds. Sarah Travers, the CEO of Workbar, and Melanie Jones, the National Director of Commercial Real Estate Partnerships at CORT, shed light on this evolution in the latest video collaboration with Workbar, emphasizing the power of on-demand furniture solutions in creating the ultimate workplace experience.

Evolving Competition: Traditional Office Spaces and Homes

Sarah Travers opens the discussion by highlighting the shifting landscape of competition in the workspace industry. In the past, coworking operators like Workbar might have primarily competed with traditional office spaces and other players in the market. However, today, the competition extends beyond that to something much closer to our hearts – our own homes. It’s a tall order to entice people out of the comfort of their homes, which raises the question: how do we create an experience so compelling that individuals choose Workbar over all other options?

Choice: The Key to Unlocking Flexibility

Sarah emphasizes that choice is the most critical amenity to drive people away from their homes. Workbar members have the freedom to choose where and when they work. The concept of working in different suburbs, cities, or even neighborhoods, allows for a level of freedom and variety that is unmatched. Workbar is not just a place to work; it’s a place to explore, connect, and experience life. Whether you want to work in Cambridge one day or be able to meet friends in downtown after work in a cozy cafe, Workbar offers a plethora of choices.

Inclusive and Friendly Neighborhood Environments

It’s not just about where you work; it’s about how you work. Sarah highlights the importance of creating an inclusive, friendly, and neighborhood-type environment. At Workbar, you’re not tethered to a desk all day. You’re encouraged to meet new people, interact with the community manager, and make small talk in the cafe neighborhood. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and community that is often missing from traditional office spaces.

The Challenge of Catering to Five Generations

As we consider the future of work, it becomes evident that the workplace must cater to five different generations. Creating a static workplace that is relevant to such diverse age groups is a monumental task. Sarah notes that this is where Workbar shines, offering a dynamic and adaptable environment that can meet the needs of all generations. 

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The Role of CORT: Shaping the Future

Melanie Jones from CORT discusses the changing landscape of workplace design. From offices with more amenities to shrinking portfolios and the utilization of multiple sites, the workplace is in a constant state of flux. CORT’s role is to partner with customers to navigate these uncharted waters. 

CORT’s Customer Base: Diverse and Expansive

Todd Simpson, Director of Strategic Business Development at CORT, highlights the broad spectrum of industries that can benefit from CORT’s furniture solutions. From construction and engineering to entertainment production and law firms, CORT caters to a diverse array of businesses. The key is the willingness to ask the question: “Do I need to own furniture?” Any company open to this analysis is a potential customer for CORT.

Embracing the On-Demand Revolution

Melanie aptly draws a parallel between CORT and pioneering companies like Uber and Spotify. CORT is changing how we use furniture, making it an on-demand service that perfectly fits the rhythm of our lives. 

In an on-demand world, where convenience and flexibility reign supreme, CORT’s services continue to grow in relevance. The workplace of today and tomorrow is a dynamic, flexible, and ever-evolving space. Workbar, in collaboration with CORT, has cracked the code for creating an experience that entices individuals to leave the comfort of their homes and choose the modern workplace. 

CORT’s on-demand furniture solutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the workspace, offering organizations the flexibility and adaptability they need to thrive in the modern world. So, if you’re in search of on-demand office furniture rental and workplace solutions, look no further than CORT. They are the partners you need to unlock the full potential of your modern workplace.

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