Revolutionizing Workspaces: The Power of CORT’s On-Demand Furniture Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, our lives have been reshaped by on-demand services, from the way we travel to how we enjoy music. The workplace, too, is not immune to this transformative wave. 

Imagine a workspace where furniture seamlessly aligns with your organization’s ever-evolving needs, where decisions are immediate, yet not etched in stone. CORT Furniture Rental, in collaboration with Boston-based coworking operator Workbar, is leading the charge in this transformative journey, and their latest video perfectly encapsulates the power of on-demand furniture solutions and flexibility. 

The On-Demand Revolution in Modern Workspaces

Melanie Jones, National Director of CRE Partnerships for CORT, eloquently sets the stage for this paradigm shift by drawing parallels with revolutionary platforms like Uber and Spotify. She notes that we live in an on-demand world, and the CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS) offering mirrors this shift by bringing the same experience to the workplace. It’s a concept that embraces the essence of modern workspaces and how the shift from ownership of office furniture to access redefines the very essence of how we perceive office spaces. Making them more agile and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of businesses across various industries.

Empowering Immediate Strategies

As Director of CORT’s Strategic Business Development team, Todd Simpson’s view of on-demand furniture solutions emphasizes the tremendous benefits of ‘Furniture as a Service.’ In the video, he expressed, that this unique approach empowers companies to execute immediate strategies without locking themselves into permanent, long-term furniture decisions. It’s a game-changer because allows businesses to adapt swiftly, ensuring they are always one step ahead in the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Seamless Transition, Effortless Transformation

Workbar, with its 11 locations strategically spread throughout Greater Boston, stands out as a pioneer in the coworking space. What truly distinguishes the Workbar model is the way it provides choice to its members. Firstly, it offers choice through the physical spaces it provides. These spaces are primarily open, creating an inclusive and highly productive environment for all members. Secondly, it offers choice through location. Workbar’s locations span both city and suburban markets, allowing members the flexibility to choose where they work throughout the day. This unique approach ensures that Workbar members have the freedom to accomplish their work in an environment that best suits their needs.

Sarah Travers, CEO of Workbar, quote about on-demand furniture

However, one significant challenge faced by coworking operators like Workbar is furniture management. This is where the partnership with CORT makes a difference. As noted by Sarah Travers, CEO of Workbar, CORT has successfully shifted the burden of furniture expenses from a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to an Operational Expenditure (OpEx). This transition to on-demand furniture solutions is a testament to modern thinking, where flexibility and adaptability are paramount.

CORT’s ‘Furniture as a Service’ offering perfectly complements the ethos of Workbar. It allows Workbar to provide its members with top-notch, on-demand furniture solutions without the need for long-term, permanent investments. In the dynamic world of coworking, where member needs can change rapidly, this approach is groundbreaking. It empowers Workbar to adapt swiftly to evolving requirements, aligning seamlessly with the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.

Flexibility Redefined

What sets CORT apart is its unparalleled flexibility. Todd Simpson sheds light on this unique aspect, highlighting how CORT owns furniture worth millions, strategically located within proximity to clients. Whether you need a few pieces or an entire floor furnished, for a few weeks or a few years, CORT caters to your needs. Their expertise extends from design to delivery, ensuring tenants receive precisely what they desire, in the exact configuration they envision. The process doesn’t end there; CORT retrieves the furniture once it’s no longer needed, seamlessly concluding the service cycle.

CORT Furniture Rental: A Refreshing Approach to Problem-Solving

CORT’s approach encompasses every aspect of the furniture experience, from design to delivery and installation. They ensure that every Workbar member gets precisely the furniture they desire in their preferred configuration. Moreover, the pickup process upon no longer needing the furniture is seamless, aligning perfectly with the fast-paced, ever-changing needs of the modern workplace.

For any company willing to analyze the benefits of access to furniture versus ownership, CORT is the answer. As Todd Simpson puts it, “That company is a potential customer of CORT’s.” The message is clear: in the modern workplace, where adaptability is the name of the game, CORT is the ultimate partner.

In a world where solutions are often about raising prices, CORT stands out as a refreshing experience. They’re not just a furniture provider; they’re problem solvers, aiming to make your life easier, not costlier.

CORT Furniture Rental is rewriting the rules for workplace flexibility with their on-demand furniture solutions, and this partnership with Workbar beautifully encapsulates the essence of their game-changing approach. So, whether you’re in the coworking sector or any industry that values flexibility, it’s time to explore the power of ‘Furniture On-Demand’ with CORT – the true game-changer in the world of modern workspaces.