By Heather R. Johnson People move into temporary housing for many reasons: a job change, an internship, a home renovation, a military relocation. Whether your temporary phase will last a month or a year, you have serious

By Heather R. Johnson Moving to a new city is both exciting and

It's often said that the only constant in military life is change.

By Heather R. Johnson Whether you're moving to a new country or returning

By Rodika Tollefson Group projects are common in college classes, and students quickly learn the best ways to collaborate with their peers. However, when it comes to studying, various surveys indicate college students prefer a quiet space

March is the time of year when students all over the country

By Andrea Ditter-Middleton For a student, learning to study is as important as

By Allison Hache Mom's house and the dorms come with everything you need

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Updating your home with holiday-themed décor throughout the year is often simpler than you think. By choosing a neutral base such as beige, khaki or rain-cloud gray, you can easily introduce color and interchange accessories to

CORT's merchandising team travels the world to find the latest decor. Check

This year, Pantone – one of the experts in color trends –

In late January, CORT’s Purchasing Manager Chris Tuohy and VP of Merchandising

by Dahna M. Chandler Maybe you've been thinking about replacing your old hand-me-down furniture for a while, but you're not sure where to start. Like 88 percent of the people polled by the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC)

By Dahna M. Chandler You recently acquired that old furniture piece you've wanted

By Dahna M. Chandler A recent WalletHub "2017's Greenest States" study ranked California

By Dahna M. Chandler Personalizing a reclaimed secondhand piece of wood furniture is