10 Best Graduation Gifts for Engineering Students

Civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical; whatever the diploma says, it’s time for your favorite engineering grad to fly the nest. But not without a little more help from you. Engineers are practical, logical, and fiends for function. So finding a perfect graduation gift to celebrate their achievements and catapult them into the “real” world doesn’t have to be too hard. And it shouldn’t be a coffee mug. Help them take flight with these 10 perfect grad gifts.

1. A Tactical Field Bag

A classic military bag is the ultimate carry-all for fieldwork. Upgrade their book bag to a field bag designed for the outdoors with separate compartments for their laptop and necessary tools for the job. 

2. Staedtler Mechanical Pencils

Not the number one most exciting gift you’d assume to add to the list —  but definitely an engineer’s daily essential. Even if your grad is sketching on their touchscreen, mechanical pencils are perfect for precision drawing. Get one with a stylus on the end and double the use. 

3. Weatherproof Notebooks

Pair those pencils with their counterpart; a place to write. While your grad is out on the job, a weatherproof notebook will withstand the elements and fit perfectly in their brand new tactical field bag or write in their pocket. 

4. The Pocket Engineer

Doubling as a ruler and a protracter, the pocket engineer is a wallet ruler and conversion reference. It’s the perfect “cheat sheet” for your now working engineer with 26 unit conversions, seven equations, and ten physical constants. 

Your grad will be able to take precise measurements in the field and even calibrate length with this pocket-friendly ruler. 

5. A  Multitool

A multitool is a great gift for a new grad, period. Multitools can tackle any small jobs on the field or at home. From tightening a loose screw on their desk to ensuring that everything at the job site is well-aligned, your grad will be happy to have this in their back pocket. Look into wallet sized multitools, too. These handy-dandy tools are the size of a credit card and will fit neatly into their wallet. 

6. Brain Teasers and Puzzles

Want to shy away from the serious stuff? Lighten up your gift-giving with some puzzles and brain teaser fit for your practical and logical engineer. Test your grad’s problem-solving skills to keep them sharp (and entertained) outside the field.

7. Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

If your grad is working on electrical projects, a laser distance measure is vital for accurate readings on site. The Bosch brand laser distance meter is affordable without skimping on the quality. It does it all with the touch of a button (literally); live-measuring surfaces, volumes, and distances up to 65 feet without doing any calculations yourself. 

8. TI Nspire CX CASGraphing Calculator

Replace their old 90s graphing calculator with a full-color screen graphing calculator. The updated Texas Instruments graphing calculators have a built-in Computer Algebra System that can be run on your computer—and they’re programmed to do just about anything your engineer needs. 

**A great gift for not just a grad but any math student from high school to college. 

9. Money

When in doubt, throw some cash in a card, and you’re engineering grad will thank you for it. A money gift might be impersonal, but you aren’t a mind reader. So let your grad pick out precisely what they need. 

10. A CORT Furniture Subscription

We covered your engineering grad’s basics, what they need for the field, and those little extras for fun. But what about their new digs? Your grad is moving on and moving out. And probably relocating. 

Set your favorite engineering grad off to a bright start with a furniture subscription gift. The last thing your engineer needs to worry about after graduation is buying new furniture; CORT Furniture Rental can help. After being in business for 50 years and having operations in every state, our team knows a thing or two about what your grad needs in their new place. With a furniture rental subscription, they can select the furniture package they need to fully furnish their space. Then our delivery experts will set up furniture for them. When it’s time to move in, your grad will walk into a fully furnished space, ready to take on the world. What’s more empowering than that? Start exploring CORT Furniture Rental as a college graduation gift today.


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