Celebrate a College Graduation with a Fantastic Gift

After years of late-night studying and intense exams, a special someone you know is graduating college and entering the working world. Celebrate his or her college graduation with a great gift. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, choose something that your graduate can use during the next stage of their life.

Leather Briefcase or Portfolio

Whether it’s needed for job interviews or business meetings, a recent college grad can always use a new briefcase or portfolio. Leather offers a blend of style and durability and is a classic choice. For the best quality, look for goods made from full-grain leather.

Suitcase or Weekend Bag

A suitcase or weekend bag is just the ticket for a new grad. Some get jobs that require a lot of travel, while others may have a post-graduation trip planned. A fashionable carryall may also remind them to return home every now and then.

New Tech

No twenty-something is going to say no to electronics, such as a new tablet, smartwatch, or virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa. After four years of wear and tear, it might even be time for a new laptop. It may take a little investigating to see what your special grad needs in the tech department, but a generous gift like this is always worth it.

Gym Membership or Fitness Tracker

Most college students have free access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility, but that ends with graduation. If your grad enjoys staying active, a three- to 12-month gym membership is a great gift idea. A full-time desk job can lead to sedentary habits, so a fitness tracker is another thoughtful idea for health-minded grads.


Depending on where your grad plans to live, he or she may not need a car. In this case, a new bicycle makes the perfect gift. In warmer climates, young professionals can commute to work by bike year round or just use one for recreation and exercise.

Coffee Maker

Help a recent graduate stick to a new post-college budget with a new coffee maker. Add a package of good-quality coffee or a box of flavored coffee pods to replace expensive lattes and cappuccinos from the nearest coffee house.     

Tool Kit

When a mirror needs hanging or a hinge needs tightening a tool kit comes in handy. Help your grad get the job done with a compact tool kit in its own case. Make sure it includes the basics like a hammer, long-nose pliers, slip-joint pliers, slotted screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, Allen keys, an adjustable wrench, and a measuring tape.


If your newly minted grad is off to a full-time job, then he or she may not have much time left at the end of the day for cooking a nourishing meal. That’s why a multi-cooker makes such a great gift. They simply fill the pot when they get home, and a fresh dinner is ready in no time.

Furniture Rental

On graduation day, college students who have earned a diploma deserve special acknowledgment. Celebrate this important occasion by gifting your son or daughter a year’s worth of stylish furniture from CORT Furniture Rental. After all, your graduate may be moving to a new city for an exciting job opportunity, or perhaps to pursue further education. With CORT, you can give them the gift of mobility, allowing them to quickly and easily set up their apartment with convenient furniture that can move with them.

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