7 Must-Try Cozy Home Tips for Homebodies


You’re not anti-social, but you love spending time at home. You crave warm and inviting vibes and love a quiet, intimate night with friends–or solitude. If this sounds like you, get ready to learn how to maximize coziness in your home. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or want a house full of decor, channel your inner homebody with these tips for a super cozy home!


How to Make a Home Cozy


1. Create a cozy minimalist home with the right furniture.


When you start with the best possible furniture, it only takes a few home decor pieces to make a cozy home. Choose stylish furnishings with a distinct flavor that you love to bring that comfortable feeling into your home without added clutter.


2. Use furniture arrangement to your advantage.


Want to encourage conversations with your roommates or partner? Arrange your living room furniture pieces to face one another. Need a place to retreat with a book after a long day? Put your favorite oversized chair in a corner, far away from the busier parts of your home. When arranging your furniture, always remember your room’s primary purpose. Working with a particularly small or large space? Be sure to choose furniture appropriate for the room’s scale. A big room calls for more oversized furniture so you don’t have too much blank space, and a smaller one might call for smaller or multifunctional pieces—after all, there’s a fine line between cozy and crowded.


3. Choose warm and inviting colors for your cozy home aesthetic.


Cozy and calm typically go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean your space should feel sterile or boring! If you want to keep things neutral, opt for white walls (choose warm whites over cool ones!) to optimize natural light and bring a cozy glow to your home. For a colorful space, choose colors that bring you joy or help you feel calm and relaxed, and incorporate those colors in throw blankets, pillows, rugs, wall art, and other home decor items.


4. Consider a cozy home yoga room, meditation corner, or zen space.


If you have the space in your home, create an area to go over the top with cozy modern home vibes! Whether that’s a yoga space complete with yoga mats and soft lighting for relaxing or a room full of books where you feel calm and at peace, you deserve an area dedicated to relaxing at home. After all, you’re a homebody, and relaxing at home is what you do best! 


5. Add mood lighting to your cozy home.


While we would all love to have excellent natural light in our homes, sometimes that’s unrealistic. What should you do instead? Add lighting! Putting lamps in dark corners can add dimension and warmth to a room, not to mention they’ll make it easier to settle in with a puzzle, card game, or book in the evenings.


6. Add texture with cozy home decor items.


Coziness is about more than just looks. Consider how cozy it feels, too! Add textured throw pillows to your seating, or put down a faux fur rug to treat your feet to something soft. Texture can break up a space that feels too cold or slick. Choose organic materials (think raw wood coffee tables) or chunky woven items (like storage baskets) to add texture to any room of your home.


7. Engage all five of your senses for the ultimate cozy home.


While an interior designer may focus heavily on the appearance and function of a space, a true homebody can add so much more. Much like color plays to your vision and texture can engage your sense of touch, incorporating other thoughtful details can help activate your senses of taste, smell, and hearing. For taste, you could keep a small dish or bowl full of your favorite snack or candy (out of reach of kids or pets, of course) in your living room. As for smell, a scented candle or essential oil diffuser can help you feel more at home. Your ears deserve something lovely, too! Add a sound system to your home and keep a calming playlist while making dinner or enjoying downtime with your loved ones.


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