Selecting and Placing Large Furniture in a Small Bedroom

Your bedroom may be short on square footage, but it doesn’t need to be small in style. Arranging large furniture in a cozy-sized bedroom can be tricky, but with a little strategy and ingenuity, it’s possible to create a gorgeous, functional bedroom. Here are seven practical tips for arranging large furniture in a small bedroom that can make the most out of your space.


Select the Right Pieces of Furniture


Measure your space, and then measure it again!


Taking careful measurements is key when figuring out how to arrange a small bedroom with big furniture. After all, you don’t have an inch to spare! Measure out the furniture you already own, and then measure the remaining space for any furniture you hope to buy or rent. It can be helpful to create tape outlines on the floor to help you envision your small bedroom layout. Don’t forget to allot for opening drawers, swinging doors, and space for moving around.


The conventional wisdom used to be to think small when choosing bedroom furniture for small spaces. That advice needs to be updated! You can absolutely put a king-size bed and other large pieces of bedroom furniture in a small area. You just need to do it wisely.


Pick furniture that also provides storage.


In a small bedroom, you won’t have a lot of space for extra shelving or cabinets, and a small room can quickly look cramped when there is excess clutter. To ensure you have a place for everything, look for furniture that provides storage. Instead of minimalistic bedside tables, select some with a drawer (or several). Choose a storage bed frame that offers under-bed drawers or shelving at the headboard. Consider the storage potential when you pick furniture for your bedroom.


Only get what you really need.


This one might be obvious… but only get the pieces that you really, genuinely need. You need a bed, and depending on closet space, you may need a dresser. However, do you need two side tables? Some floating shelves by your bed can hold the necessities, like a table lamp and books, without taking up any extra floor space. Do you need that large chest of drawers at the foot of your bed? Some under-the-bed storage caddies can serve the same purpose without eating into walking space. Before you add a piece of furniture, consider your other (space-saving) options.


Arrange Furniture Strategically and Effectively


Place your bed first.


The first rule for how to arrange large furniture in a small bedroom is to always start with your bed. This is the most substantial piece; once you’ve placed that, you can figure out everything else. Bed placement will vary based on the layout and shape of your room, but a good rule of thumb is to place it against the largest windowless wall. When putting a king bed in a small room, placing it against the wall opposite the door often works best. 


Arrange the rest of the furniture from largest to smallest.


You can work your way out once you’ve determined exactly where your bed will go. It works best to place your small space bedroom furniture in descending order from largest to smallest. This guarantees you have space for the essential elements, like your dresser, and leaves the small – and easily rearranged – pieces until the end. Additionally, those small “filler” pieces may get purged as your room starts to fill.


Take Advantage of Your Vertical Space


Opt for tall instead of wide.


Avoid lining furniture along the perimeter of your small bedroom and calling it a day. You lack horizontal space, so you must take advantage of your vertical space! When shopping for bedroom furniture, focus on tall pieces instead of wide ones. For example, store your books and trinkets on bookshelves that stretch up to the ceiling rather than low ones that occupy an entire wall of your bedroom. Instead of a broad, elongated dresser, choose a vertical one with less square footage. Not only does this vertical space provide functionality, but it can also draw the eye upward and makes a small room feel more spacious than it is.


Decorate with floating shelves.


Whenever possible, hang shelving units to keep things off the floor and replace clunky furniture pieces. As discussed earlier, floating shelves at the top of the bed can create a visual headboard and replace nightstands. Replace your bookshelf entirely with floating shelves to hold books above your dresser. It’s necessary to view all open wall space in a small bedroom as an opportunity.


Make Space for Furniture Rental


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