Create a Tranquil Bedroom With These 5 Tricks

After a long day, it can be challenging to unwind and rest—especially if your bedroom feels chaotic or unfinished. Good sleep starts long before bedtime, and that’s why it’s so essential to create a relaxing bedroom environment!


Whether you need small bedroom ideas or are overwhelmed by achieving a tranquil feel in a larger space, give yourself the gift of R&R with these tips for calming bedrooms.


How to Create a Tranquil Bedroom: Ideas to Incorporate


1. Use a calming color scheme.


Whether your style is modern and chic or a bit on the rustic side, you’ll want to start with a color scheme that feels relaxing and serene. White walls create a versatile backdrop for both neutral and color-infused bedrooms. 


If you choose to go neutral with your bedroom design, think like an interior designer and incorporate texture and layered decor to keep things from feeling flat. And if you opt for color, err on the side of muted tones. Bold hues are splendid in a living room but can feel too “in your face” when you’re trying to wind down in the evenings before you fall asleep. Opt for soft color instead of saturated looks for a design that melts into the background—in a good way!


2. Choose hidden storage.


Do you want to maximize a small bedroom? Do you need extra storage but don’t want to make things feel cramped? Remember that having visual clutter everywhere can make small spaces feel claustrophobic in no time, so hidden storage is also one of the best relaxing bedroom ideas for small rooms. Even if your room is larger, having space can give your eyes a break and create a calming bedroom feel. Storage beds or ottomans, bedside tables with drawers, or a beautiful armoire can all give you easily accessible storage space without adding visual noise to your bedroom.


3. Block out the outside world–literally and figuratively


Calming bedrooms need peace in more ways than one. Keeping visual clutter to a minimum is a great start, but why stop there? Block out the outside world’s noise with a white noise machine or even a small water fountain in your bedroom. Shut out street lights or bright natural light in the early mornings with a window treatment, such as blackout drapes or shades.


Last but not least, block out the metaphorical “noise” of the world when you put away your phone before bedtime. Set up a charging station away from your bedside table to eliminate any temptation to scroll the news or social media in the evenings.


4. Change out your lighting.


Have you ever noticed how much lighting can affect how a room feels? Your bedroom lighting should feel soft and relaxing and not like a hospital operating room. Changing out lightbulbs to a warm, diffused type of bulb is easy, but you don’t have to stop there. Incorporate textured table lamps or moody wall lights to cozy up your bedroom.


5. Give your bed some extra attention.


Having a comfortable bed is the bare minimum requirement to getting better sleep, of course. But what if you had a bed that was not only comfortable but felt inviting and extra relaxing? Call on feng shui principles to position your bed in a small room. Choose a stylish bed frame and headboard you love, and make it the room’s centerpiece. Step up your linen game with high thread count sheets, and top your comforter or duvet with a few plush pillows. Drape throw blankets over the end of the bed or a nearby chair so you’ll always be ready for a mid-day nap (plus, this adds texture and visual interest to a neutral color scheme).


Calming Bedrooms Start with the Right Furniture


A tranquil bedroom is a must for getting restful, quality sleep. Don’t let the stress of bringing your personal retreat to life stand in your way. Browse bedroom furniture, decor, and more online at CORT Furniture Rental, or design a package for your whole home with an expert at your local CORT showroom. We’ll deliver your furniture and set it up, and take everything away when your lease term ends—giving you peace of mind when it comes to furniture.

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