How to Craft a Calming Space for Mindful Mornings

For many people, early morning is the only part of the day that they get uninterrupted time to do whatever they want – which is why so many people hold their morning routine as sacred. But besides a time to shower and get ready for work, what makes a routine mindful? And how can it impact your day?


Setting aside time for yourself, mindfulness, and reflection can help start your day right. Additionally, it can ensure that you take the time to do the things that matter the most to you. In this guide, we’ll cover the elements of a mindful morning routine and how to craft a mini-morning space just for you. Let’s dig in!


What is a Mindful Morning Routine?


Wondering how to get ready faster in the morning? Or maybe you just want to make more time for what you enjoy. A consistent morning routine can streamline your process and allow time for reflection. 


The best part is that morning rituals don’t have to be complicated or take hours. Having a consistent routine means setting aside time for yourself for mindfulness, intention setting, and reflection. Be sure to minimize distractions such as social media as much as possible!


What should a morning routine look like?


While your morning routine checklist may look different, one example of a mindful, simple morning ritual could be:


  • Wake up with ample time to complete your routine without feeling rushed.
  • Meditate or reflect for a set amount of time.
  • Journal for a set amount of time or number of pages.
  • Movement of choice (run, yoga, dog walk, pilates, gym, etc).
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Get ready for work.


You might include listening to music, reading to your child, playing with your pet, practicing an instrument, or doing a word puzzle. The point is to select things that help set your day up for success, no matter what that looks like for you.


Set Up a Dedicated Space for Your Morning Routine


When decorating your home, setting up a dedicated area for your morning routine can help ensure you have an intentional space for your daily rituals. Much like using your bedroom only for sleep will help train your brain to focus on sleep when you’re in that room, a dedicated space for your morning routine will help build the habit.


Pick your meditation corner.


Your dedicated area could be any part of the house. The best areas, however, are ones that aren’t used for anything else and have minimal distractions. Ideally, it’s a quiet area filled with calming elements, like a soothing color palette. Bonus points if there is excellent natural light to greet the new day!

If you don’t have the ideal spot, that’s okay. Even sitting on the sofa each morning, on a corner of the rug, or a chair at the dining room table can be just as great. The key is really to create a repeatable, consistent routine – not a perfect one.


Get comfortable!


Your mindful morning space should be comfortable. A chair or floor cushion is great for incorporating meditation, journaling, or reading. Everything you need to complete your routine should be within easy reach. That means a simple storage solution, such as an ottoman, storage bench, or even a small rolling cart, can allow you to tuck away your book, journal, yoga mat, etc, for use the next day.


Include natural elements.


A vital feature of a mindful morning routine is feeling grounded and connected to yourself. One of the best ways to help encourage this feeling is by incorporating natural elements into your morning routine. Decorate the area with plants (real or faux), set up near natural light if possible, and have a view of the outdoors. You may even want to move your morning ritual to the porch or patio in warmer months!


Turn your home into a retreat.


Your meditation corner or routine space should feel like a retreat from the rest of your stressful day – it’s an opportunity to start your morning on the right foot. That means it should be highly personal and comfortable for you. Whether that means including a cozy blanket to keep out the morning chill, a relaxing candle you only light for this purpose, a framed photo of a happy memory, or something else, pick your decor carefully and with intention.


Keep it clean.


No one wants to start their day in a messy space. That goes for this personal nook, too. Avoid turning your meditation chair into a dirty clothes bin or piling all your homework on your yoga mat. Keep this space clean and reserved for one purpose so that it can remain sacred. If necessary, incorporate a few moments into the end of your routine to tidy up for the next day.


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