Clearance Furniture: How To Use Accent Pieces For Your Living Room

clearance furnitureCORT Furniture has a vast collection of used furniture that is available for sale at clearance furniture locations across the United States. We have everything from living room furniture sets to art for your wall. If you are looking for items to make your living room feel more comfortable or functional, we may have just what you need. The inventory changes as we get new pieces in, so drop in often to scout for hidden treasures that are in great condition. Here are some ideas that can help you use accent pieces to tie together decor themes in your living room.

Choose pieces in one accent color or pattern

Keeping the colors displayed in the living room consistent will help give the appearance of order. It will also provide structure for your clearance furniture shopping. Remember to contrast accent colors with a neutral or dark, solid tone.

Make use of the multi-purpose ottoman

They aren’t just for your tired feet! Ottomans can double as a coffee table. Arrange magazines and the remote controls on this plushy island. More fabric texture will make your living room appear more comfortable. We have many clearance furniture options for over-sized, multi-purpose ottomans!

Hang mirrors and art on the walls

Fill out the space with wall art. Mirrors can provide the illusion of more space and make the room feel a bit more airy. Do not hang too many art pieces. It is key to keep your wall decor diverse and minimal so that it does not upstage the entire decor theme for your living room.

Use throw blankets and pillows

These pieces can give your furniture dimension, cloak older pieces, and can be updated and switched out very easily when you are bored with your current color theme. Blankets and pillows are relatively inexpensive additions that can be the most customizable ways to continually transform the room.

Find a rug

Work with your chosen accent color. Rugs can add color and offer warmth and comfort to your living room. If you opt for rugs with a pattern, be sure that it does not clash with another pattern or solid color theme that is present.

If the current decor theme in your home is almost complete, save for a few details, CORT may have just what you need to complete your look at an incredible deal. Browse our selection of clearance furniture and home furniture rental selections at a location near you.