2023 Spring Aesthetic: 4 Regret-Proof Ways to Incorporate These 3 Decor Trends

As the seasons change, so do the trends in home decor. With spring 2023 in full swing, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your living space with some of the latest styles! Whether you’re looking to bring in bold colors, natural materials, or whimsical patterns, there are plenty of ways to update your home for the season. 


In this guide, we’ll explore the current spring home decor styles and provide tips on incorporating them into your home, no matter your budget or design aesthetic. From bold accent pieces to subtle touches, you can create a space that feels fresh, inviting, and perfect for the season.


1.  Incorporate 2023’s Color Schemes for Spring Home Decor


Snow is melting, blue skies are showing again, and the earth is returning to life. Spring’s renewal can be the perfect time for a home refresh! One of the easiest ways to completely revamp your home is with a color rework. 


This season, the primary trending styles focus on earthy, natural tones, a “vanilla girl” aesthetic, and bold pops of “dopamine colors.” Depending on your style, you can focus on one or all of these throughout your home.


Use earthy, natural tones.


You can incorporate earthy tones such as terracotta, rich mustard, and soothing sage into your home in many different ways. If you want to go big, an accent wall painted deep terracotta can ground your home in warmth and comfort. If you’re looking for a lower commitment restyle, consider a richly colored rug or drawing the room’s focus towards desert plants (real or fake!) in clay pots.


Lean into Vanilla Girl neutrals.


 The Vanilla Girl style is all the rage! This style is particularly great for renters living in apartments with head-to-toe neutral carpet and walls. Vanilla Girl incorporates lots of linen, light and airy decor, and bright light. Simple throw pillows with cozy, lightweight knit or gold accents quickly bring this comfortable color palette to your home.


Pop with dopamine colors.


 If these neutrals look like a monotonous sea of beige to you, consider bringing bold “dopamine colors” to your home. What brings you joy? Rich greens, neon pink, or maybe sunshine yellow? Show it off! 


Utilize neutrals for more significant, more expensive pieces to change up the less expensive things with the season or trends. For example, a simple neutral investment piece bedspread can be livened up with your happy colors in pillow shams or a statement throw blanket folded over the foot of the bed. That way, you can easily change the room’s look when your mood or taste changes.


2. Bring the Texture with Fresh Patterns for a Spring Aesthetic


As minimalism returns to the forefront and maximalism falls out of the primary trends of spring 2023, patterns are becoming simpler. Most of these patterns work for any style, but remember that you can always mix and match them to make them your own!


Keep it natural and minimal.


If you lean more towards a simple, clean look, stick with simple patterns. Throw pillows and wall art featuring natural designs such as woodgrain can bring your home back to earthy roots, while minimal accents of gold give a luxurious feel. A solid-colored pillow may seem “blah,” but consider taking advantage of unusual shapes and arrangements to make the clean look attractive. Remember to keep it airy and light!


Go geometric.


 If plain isn’t your thing but you aren’t ready to go full-out bold, incorporate simple geometric designs into your home. This could be a solid-colored quilt on the bed with a sewn-in pattern or a collection of various-sized plants in uniquely shaped but color-matched pots. Keep the lines clean and stay away from overly-cluttered or busy designs.


Play with whimsical florals!


 Are these single-color-palette homes putting you to sleep, and not in a comfy-cozy way? Consider utilizing the “cottagecore” and “whimsi-goth” look with nature-inspired floral and whimsical forest patterns. These styles can work great even in a home with neutral walls! Think Victorian botanical designs, science-inspired drawings, and even the occult and oddities! 


Floral patterns, especially those with a vintage feel, can bring the freshness of blossoming spring flowers into your home year-round. Blankets, pillows, and wall art are great ways to incorporate this style into your home without a full redecoration.


 Looking for something even funkier? Consider bringing in mushroom patterns, florals over a dark background, or even prints incorporating springtime spooky skulls and flowers.


3. Welcome the Light with Refreshed Lighting for Spring 2023 Home Decor Trends


Regardless of what style you’re bringing into your home this spring, it’s worth spending some time thinking about how you’ll incorporate lighting into your look. Lighting can be a quick and often cheap way to change the whole mood of your home, whether with a new light fixture, lampshade, or even just lightbulbs.


New season, new lights.


If you’re ready to refresh your home’s lighting, consider upgrading your light fixtures to statement pieces. White ceramic styles, gold accents on art deco wall sconces, and soft, orb-style lighting can help your neutral and earthy styles shine. 


Work with what you’ve got.


If you want to adapt the lighting that you’ve already got, consider changing out your lamp shades or even just the lightbulbs. Gauzy neutral-colored shades that diffuse light, bamboo and rattan, and gold-flecked shades can pull your classic look together. 


Stick with softer and warmer lightbulbs for this style to mimic the sun’s warmth. Smart LED bulbs with color options are great for changing your style – these typically have an accompanying app that allows you to pick their exact shade and even program a timer to complement the sun’s cycles.


Light it up with color.


Are you looking for something a little more colorful? Lighting is an excellent opportunity to make a statement in your home. Funky neon lights, colorful LED strips, and smaller tabletop lamps made to look like the moon can bring a new touch to your home without breaking the bank.


Finally, natural lighting rules the roost this spring, regardless of your style. Swap your heavy curtains for lighter, gauzier fabrics that let the light pour in. Lightweight, transparent curtains can still provide privacy while filling your home with the sun’s natural light. Your plants will thank you!


4. Make it Yours with These Materials for Spring Home Decorations


As with lighting, one theme is persistent regardless of your specific look: keep it natural


Bring in the greenery.


 Whether you’re going for Japandi-inspired Vanilla Girl, Earthy, or even whimsi-goth with skulls and mushrooms, one thing is a must – plants, and flowers. The more the merrier! Live plants and fresh spring flowers are always a great touch to any home, but artificial flowers and plants might be just as good at improving your mood and are much more low-maintenance (plus kid and pet friendly). 


Pick pots and planters that fit your goal look, and don’t be afraid to go over the top with assorted sizes and styles. If you opt for fresh flowers, you can even dry them yourself and use the dried bouquets to decorate your home. Another way to incorporate beautiful spring flowers into your home is with a fresh spring wreath for your front door!


Make like a tree.


 Unpainted wood rules this season. Whether in the base of your new lamp, a revamped bed frame, or just simple shelves and wall decor. Keep it light and fresh, much like the rest of your home. A light-wood side table will help to brighten up your space and bring the natural world into your space. 


Spring Into the Season With a Fresh Look

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