5 Ways to Fill Your Empty Nest With Style

Whether you approached this moment with excited anticipation or dread, it has happened: your last or only child is leaving home. Suddenly, your home is quieter, your fridge is staying stocked longer, and you’ve got some extra space (and freedom!) on your hands. Not quite sure what to do with it all? Read on for five ideas for filling your newly empty nest with style.

Transforming Your Extra Space

Now that your child (or children) have packed up and cleared out, you’ve suddenly got some extra square footage to work with. Instead of letting these vacant rooms collect dust, turn them into a space you’ll genuinely use and enjoy!

1. Turn the extra bedroom(s) into hobby-specific spaces.

Now that you’ve likely got more time to dive headfirst into your favorite hobby, why not create a dedicated space for it, too? Whether you’re selling vintage coffee mugs on eBay, learning to play the ukulele, or using your new game room to host bi-weekly poker nights, this empty bedroom can become a great space for honing your craft. 

2. Create the home gym of your dreams.

It’s finally time to relocate your treadmill from the musty garage, roll out some yoga mats, and treat yourself to the home gym you’ve always wanted. Plus, the endorphins are sure to help with any feelings of sadness or empty nest syndrome you may be experiencing.

3. Design the ultimate home theater for movie nights.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be on “MTV Cribs” to have your own home movie theater. Hang up some blackout curtains, fill the space with comfy seating, and invest in a home theater projector to create your new favorite place for snuggling up with popcorn and a movie.

4. Upgrade the spare bedroom into a welcoming guest bedroom.

Whether you’re hoping to fill your nest with friends and relatives or you’re hoping to entice your children to come visit as often as possible, this is the perfect time to transform the empty space into a cozy and inviting guest room. Go the extra mile by stocking the room with extra linens, hanging up a cozy robe in the closet, and throwing a few travel-size toiletries in the bathroom.

5. Think about renting out the room for some extra money.

On a related note, turning that empty space into a luxurious guest room can also become an opportunity to earn a little extra money. This can be particularly useful depending on your empty nester plans. Planning on traveling? Having a renter in your extra bedroom can serve as a built-in housesitter while providing some extra money for your getaways.

Considerations for Downsizing

Perhaps you have no interest in these extra room ideas. Rather, you’ve been dreaming for years about downsizing when your only child goes off to college or whatever the next step of their journey may be. If you’re thinking about moving into a smaller space, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind.

Visualize the next chapter and think about what you really want.

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to decide what you want your day-to-day to look like now that you’re embarking on this next phase of life. Maybe you want to fulfill your dream of living in a big city high-rise, or maybe you just want to be as close to your favorite hiking trails as possible. Maybe you simply want less space to manage or less yard work to be responsible for. Think about what amenities are non-negotiables. While many parents experience grief and anxiety when their children leave the house as young adults, this can also be an exciting time for brand-new adventures.

Decide how much room you need.

Do you need space for visitors – or potentially future grandkids? Does the idea of extra, unused space make you feel overwhelmed? Are you willing to sacrifice storage space? Do you absolutely need a home office for your work? Downsizing can feel cathartic but think carefully about how much space you truly need.

Figure out your budget and research your local market.

It may have been a while since you house-hunted, so it’s important to research your local market as soon as you begin thinking about downsizing. What sorts of homes are you in your price range right now? How much will your current home go for? Maybe you’re ready to embrace a much smaller living space – with a smaller price tag to match – so that you have the budget to start traveling, stop working, or help foot those college tuition bills. Whatever your plan is, looking at cold, hard numbers can help you map it all out.

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