3 Reasons Why Renting Is Better

Netflix and Uber are certainly trendy household names these days, but you may not have heard the term furniture as a service (FaaS). Just like movies and rides on demand, FaaS is basically furniture on demand. The concept stems from the growing subscription economy for essentials like video streaming, ridesharing, co-working offices, and cloud software. Instead of owning furniture, you rent it as needed.

This trend is disrupting the way stylish homeowners choose to furnish their homes. Instead of investing in a houseful of furniture that will go out of style or may not fit when you make your next move, you can rent furniture and prioritize freshness and convenience. 

If this strikes a chord with you, then here are a few reasons why renting can offer a better experience than buying.

Style SOS

One major reason why renting is better for some people is that it lets you stay on top of the latest style trends. You can choose a whole-home furniture package and completely revamp your aesthetic in one stroke, or you can start smaller. It’s easy to swap out pieces over time as you refine your personal style. When you’re ready to try something new, just choose a new package for a whole new look. 

Another perk of renting is that you can often afford higher-end pieces than you could afford to buy. When you entertain frequently or use your home for business dinners and social gatherings, this can go a long way toward achieving the right vibe.

Stay Flexible

People who change homes frequently may not want to saddle themselves with a lot of furniture. Not only is a lot of furniture a pain to move, but it may not work in your new space. There’s a certain amount of risk that comes with ownership, while renting keeps you light on your feet. It’s much easier to relocate for a job promotion or a better neighborhood when you know the transition will be easy.

No Hassle

On-demand access to furniture means you never have to move heavy items on your own. The rental company delivers everything when you need it and picks it up when you’re done. You also bear none of the maintenance and repair that comes with owning. If your desk starts to wobble, the rental company fixes it or provides a new one. Additionally, great rental companies offer pros that put together stylish furniture packages for you, so you save the time and analysis of making a big purchase. It’s a perfect solution for busy people. 

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