Minimize Moving Stress with Furniture Rentals

By Caryn Anderson

They say that moving is one of the top causes of stress. Who has time for that? When you’re busy and on the move, you don’t have the time to deal with unnecessary moving hassles. Get packed up and ready to go quickly to start your new adventure without breaking a sweat by following a few tips to minimize moving stress.

Allowing plenty of time to pack eliminates a lot of last-minute jitters. Start by purging your current home of junk and clutter so that you aren’t boxing and unboxing things you don’t want or need. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the big move. Finally, skip the hassle of buying furniture and rent it instead. Not only does this reduce your need for packers and movers, but it also makes the transition to your new home easier and less stressful in a variety of ways.

Minimal Packing

Furniture rental minimizes the amount of “stuff” that you need to entrust to packers and movers. It also makes it easy to pack up and get moving whenever you’re ready. As an added bonus, furniture rental reduces the stress of packing and unpacking for hassle-less moving that’s full of style and comfort. Best of all, you never have to sacrifice the comforts of home.


Rent just the essentials, or add a little extra comfort and luxury to your new space. Furniture rental offers the ultimate in flexibility. Unlike buying furniture, you aren’t making a long-term commitment. Try different styles to experiment with your new home’s interior design, or stick with pieces that make your temporary space feel more like home.

Convenient Delivery and Pick Up

There is nothing better than furniture when you need it and easy pick up when you’re finished with it. When you decide to rent furniture, choose a company that offers the best in style and service. With CORT, you can order furniture online, select a package, and set up delivery. You can even pay for furniture rental online. The delivery team sets everything up for you, and once you’re ready to move to the next town or city, they’ll pick it up and move it out.

Customize Your New Home

You might be able to find temporary spaces that come furnished, but those spaces won’t reflect your personal style. With furniture rental, you can furnish just one room or your entire home with hand-selected furniture. Choose the colors, fabrics, and styles that you like best to create a temporary home that’s uniquely yours.